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Special Missions (Alert/invasion) Sometimes Not Showing On The System Map


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If a planet has an invasion or alert then an icon is supposed to be displayed above the planet correct?


I often pondered if this mechanism was working correctly after finding an invasion or alert that I was sure wasn't on the system map. However I finally managed to get screenshots.


Note: this is straight after a login, without doing any missions. and after waiting for a moment because sometimes it takes a while for the icons to pop up (Which is really annoying when you're trying to work out what resource collectors haven't been emptied)


Starmap: Jupiter shows an Alert and a resource collector



Jupiter: Shows Two Corpus invasions that aren't on the system map



Starmap: Pluto shows nothing



Pluto: Shows a Survival Alert



If these two UI elements are coming from separate data sources.... could they maybe use the same query?

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