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Small Size Warframe


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hi. so umm



sorry but i dont know how to say m1dget without hurting any1.



so how about a m1dget warframe.


small, really fast, stealth based warframe (yea yea we have 2 already).

but i think it would be cool.

and anyways who said small tenno cant be great?

it would be different, because having 2 metres tall tenno all the time is gettin old (yea i dont know how tall they are)



abilities should be both of offensive and distraction/ stealth (its a mix of loki and ash, how original)


sorry but stealth works that way



anyways, what are you thinkig is it good or bad idea?


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i can see it happen but more in a skill than a frame itself maybe a frame that can shrink in hight for higer speed and grow biger for lets say lower speed but more damage  somting like that just a fast idee on the OP idee

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