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Eris Infested Help



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Ignis with either Fire or Gas damage cuts through all the Infested except the Ancients, which aren't much of a problem once you get rid of all the smaller enemies in the first place.


You could also use high slash weapons such as the Nikana or Dragon Nikana to cut them down, or the Orthos for wider swings (but less slash damage in general).

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Dual Ichors for melee. Or any slash based melee works as well.

Edit: Trinity or a Vauban works well. Vauban helps push the pressure a bit further but Trinity can help you survive well, just cast Link and she won't be effected by procs, which happens a lot in Eris.

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well, I really want to move fast (since I don't understand 10% of that tileset) so I don't have time for melee, I should say that I want a fast warframe and primary

A Loki or an Ash is good. Loki's faster and can go invis when modded right. Ash isn't as fast but does have invisibilty aswell but also has offensive capabilities. A Penta is good as well. High damage with good AOE. As long as you don't kill yourself. Also, Brakk or Marelok's good
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You do not want a low health frame due to the toxic clouds that are common.

I just use melee & a gun that can one-shot the fliers.

For melee I use nami & skyla (spelled?) which is a high slash damage good weapon with gas mods. There are better weapons but this is more than enough.

Rhino is an obvious choice for iron skin (ignore the gas and harpoons) and his charge is perfect for the way these guys come at you (linear).

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Miter + Fire or even Blast. Blast is good against Ancients and the Knockdown proc isn't bad.

Gas does good damage VS the easy ones to kill so I rather pack an explosive punch.


And Miter, well many people do not like it but I find it so satisfying. I find it also easier to hit things than with the Drakgoon.



(and yes you can always destroy your way with all those 6 Forma Boltor Prime, Soma, etc. you'll do even faster)



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Man I solo all Eris missions with valkyr modded for duration. Hysteria when you are surrounded or mid-low on health to regain it. 


Personally I use the Atterax, modded for crit and speed. 


edit: I have fun with a soma modded for crit and puncture, but its easier to just go for a 50 second hysteria and tear through everything in your path. 

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