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Hello Fellow Tenno!


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Few days ago I realized I had never properly introduced myself on the forums so what would be better than make it my 1000th post so here we go!




I'm Jeloxale and I'm a student from Finland.

Try to pronounce my name correctly (Looks at [DE]Glen)


I'm an active tenno and will claim every login reward and read the forums along the day. I'm currently Mastery rank 11. My favorite things are playing with friends and looking for small hidden statues of ancient cats. (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/285621-cat-statue-locations-gotta-find-em-all/) Other than that I'll roam around in solo doing whatever I want to usually with my Loki and Quanta. I also work on completing my Codex; I got 80 scanners left what should be enough to finish it... if it wouldn't be so bugged for few entries that is.


I started playing Warframe during spring 2013, but my old laptop didn't have enough processing power and it crashed in almost any mission and FPS was terrible anyway. The laptop was 6 years old. There are some things I remember clearly from those times and I see how much they have changed.


At the end of summer 2013 I bought my first real PC and will use this beast for many more years. I re-installed my games and I found Warframe again. I saw it had potential so I started playing again. I really got hooked because my good friend also played so we played a lot together, too bad we can't do that anymore as he doesn't play that much. One could say I play enough for both of us in total.


At the end of fall/autumn I found the Wikia and I've been doing a lot of work there ever since. Link to my profile: http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/User:Jeloxale

I'll be there daily and doing edits when I have time. Feel free to contact me there about anything on our wikia.


I got active in the forums as I found out Lotus had sent me a gift here in March. I've been active since then, yet kept few months off during last summer but came back 1 hour before U14 was released (that timing tho).


So that's pretty much me! :D



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