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Cosmic Specter Listed, But Not In Actual Mission Reward...



On PS4 with a friend last night when the Accelerated Blast Mod came up as an alert. I didn't have it and wanted it for my sentinel so we went after it. It was on Saturn, Cassini, Grineer Lev 18-21, Rescue (normally node is a lower level survival). Went in.... dagnabbit that was hard. Apparently it was a nightmare mode of sorts, though not listed as such, since we had no shields at all. Failed a number of times before we found our groove and did the level. Got through it, did the rescue, got to extraction and there was a nice list of goodies received.


1. Accelerated Blast

2. Wildfilre

2. Cosmic Specter



Neither of us received the specter. Just wasn't in the inventory, the mods were at least. Was it meant NOT to be there? Is that support ticket worthy? Or am I missing something else? Thanks.

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Yeah I looked in the foundry/inventory blueprints. No Cosmic Specter. My friend checked is foundry/inventory too, nothing there on his end. It was listed in the rewards for both at the end of the level.


Ah ha! I didn't know Accelerated Blast was nightmare, just knew I didn't have it. So at least that part makes sense now.

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