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You Make The Story For The Tenno


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you must be a tenno and make a story involving three other tennos, in short use your mind to come up with a missions that you wish to have on the game and build a story from it's that simple. 


most of the people playing warframe have English 1 or 2 so the rule of those class are required because whats a good story without those rules am i right,


you mind is key for this topic so remember anything goes  


 PS: and please don't make the story too short and its better with onomatopoeia as will so use literature rules as well this should be fun for most and helpful to all.... 

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Now this is a story all about how excalibur's life got flipped, turned upside down. Now i want to take a moment just sit right there and tell you how he became the prince of town called bel-air....


after i  get back from school ill finish the story



no1 betr steal my idea while im gone :I

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