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Co-Op Door In Jupiter Cannot Be Opened.


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In the infamous no-pickup room, during an invasion on Jupiter, we found ourselves unable to open a co-op door.


The room:



The door:



The left console works:



The right console doesn't:



Edit: While typing this, a teammate managed to get it open, by "randomly pushing it," though there's definitely still a problem here.

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Yup, had this problem a few days ago. Not sure why I never reported it... Hmmmm


Still waiting on support for a G3 drop that we couldn't pick up in that room. So I'm sure plenty of people have sent them tickets.


[size=2]Hopefully they won't delete this post for saying that.[/size]

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I actually fixed this with another bug. Near the switch you cant activate, try to wall-run into the switch. 


Twice now I have done this, and it pops me through the wall and allows me to activate a switch on the other side opening the door. 


IF you can get it to glitch you through the wall, it will work. 


This particular tile is very very buggy. Often I cannot pick up drops on this tile. 

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