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Ui: A Couple Problems


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1) Screen locks up frequently while in the liset, usually when in a squad and attempting to access other menus.  This affects many things, such as people getting left behind when the mission starts, having to relog than reinvite players, as well as not being able to accept the mission for the timer to begin or decrease from 59 seconds.


2) Chat channels are not updating in real time.  I see this usually when I go into a mission.  I have my chat timestamp option enabled and if I begin the mission at let's say 19:42, when I finish the mission I find the chat has not progressed from that same time.  This is a problem because what if I miss something in trade or another potential mission to join when I exit my current one?  Or miss important conversation in my clan chat?


Great update by the way!  Even getting used to the new mod overhaul XD


Thanks DE :)


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