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Hi guys

I just saw I have a lot of stuff I don't need and I would like to sell to you guys. So want to start this little thread where I'll put everything I don't need that's worth something




Akbronco Prime Blueprint (x2) : 8 plat.


Ankyros Prime Blade (x1) : 10 plat.

Ankyros Prime Gauntlet (x1) : 12 plat.


Bo Prime Ornament (x1) : 6 plat.


Boar Prime Stock (x1) : 6 plat.


Boltor Prime Barrel (x1) : 9 plat.


Bronco Prime Receiver (x1) : 14 plat.


Ember Prime Chassis (x1) : 3 plat.

Ember Prime Helmet (x2) : 5 plat.


Fang Prime Blade (x1) : 9 plat.


Frost Prime Chassis (x4) : 4 plat.

Frost Prime Helmet (x1) : 9 plat.


Latron Prime Barrel (x1) : 3 plat.

Latron Prime Blueprint (x1) : 3 plat.

Latron Prime Receiver (x1) : 5 plat.


Mag Prime Chassis (x1) : 3 plat.


Paris Prime Lower Limb (x2) : 3 plat.


Sicarus Prime Barrel (x1) : 6 plat.


Wyrm Prime Carapace (x1) : 11 plat.

Wyrm Prime Cerebrum (x1) : 17 plat.

Wyrm Prime Systems (x0) : 10 plat (sold)



PM me if you need something, and as usual, first come first served rule!

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