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Lets Make The Radio On Board The Liset Something Useful! (Just An Idea.)


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I just had an idea, what if the radio served as a match making tool for the Tenno to get together for different missions. I know that we will have hubs soon but seeing as its a communication system aboard the Liset it seems to me that there could be more done to make it something useful.


-An easy access menu to see where your fellow Tenno are doing missions. Sort of like how we already have it on a per planet basis but more compact and easier to see whats going on. Something that shows activity across the whole system rather than a per planet type of thing. I'm not saying replace what already exists, I am simply saying that they could build on to it with this.


-A menu where you can select what mission and planet you're running or what tier void and void mission type you're running. With this you could have people automatically join in on you and play rather than typing out messages and inviting people and what not. Obviously something like this should come with custom filters for players that want a certain level of play from their team mates. Something like mastery rank filters.


-This could also help facilitate pvp and show players where people are actually participating in pvp related things rather than going planet to planet trying to find out where there are  rail conflicts or conclave fights going on.


-This could also display information on where certain enemy factions are taking on other enemy factions and where the Tenno help is needed.



Your thoughts?

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