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Joining Game Makes Game Screen "invisible"


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I tried joining an alert recently, and shortly after the loading screen appeared the whole game seemed to close and I could see my desktop or whatever other programs I had opened. However, I could still see warframe running on the taskbar. After alt+tabbing to the desktop or a background program whenever I clicked I was "returned" to warframe (warframe was brought to the front)

I closed the game by closing the window through the taskbar icon and tried to join the alert again after restarting. Again shortly after the loading screen appeared the same thing happened. It's happening right now. All I can hear is the sound of the loading screen as well as the Lotus voice transmissions, but nothing else. When I push any button nothing seems to happen (that is, I don't hear anything)

I've never seen this happen before o_O after 2 years on this game.

I'm waiting it out to see what happens when they complete the mission ( which they should do soon).

Ok I can hear "another job well executed" as well as the sounds for boarding the liset.

Now I can hear still hear the loading screen sounds, but I also heard the click which means loading is finished and I hear the transmissions, so I think I'm in my ship now. I only heard one transmission though, and I can still hear the liset gliding through space, and it occurs to me now I really shouldn't hear anything in space :|

Hope you guys find out what the bug is. I'm going to exit the game.

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i have a similar issue. I find a mission to play, click it and it looks for a squad. Then i get the loading screen where my ship is flying along and just before it switches to where you see the ship come into orbit the screen goes black. I can hear various noises in the background but thats it. need to ctrl. alt and del to get out. 

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