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[Frame Concept Wip] Warlock, Forgotten Frame Of The Past


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So just to start this off this is all WIP at the moment, changes are gonna come to this frame as I work on him but lets get into the nitty gritty! I've been conceptualizing this frame for nearly 2 months but never got many good ideas until now

Warframe Name: Warlock

Background: Warlock is a rustic warframe who's suit templates came from fossils excavated on Earth containing genetic code of humanity and its distant past. Using these fossils, the Tenno were able to construct a Warframe that reflects upon a time before the Orokin, Corpus, Grineer, and even the Tenno themselves. Warlock is a supportive/offensive frame with 2 energy supplement powers and two attack powers. His is meant to appeal to the armor of Roman Gladiators and the combative style of knights of the Medieval Age. Warlock can quickly change the tides of battles with his energy based weapon attacks and ability to transfer energy to his squad and utilize their abilities as well. These abilities allow for a versatile style of play.

Base Stats:

Health: 100

Shield: 100

Power: 125

EDIT* Stamina: 80

Speed: 0.9

Armor: 75


(Disclaimer: Again this is a Work In Progress, I welcome feedback but as this is my very first concept frame, don't be so quick to bash the frame. I'll be working to make him more sound.)

1. Lancer : Focusing Energy into his hand Warlock conjures a large lance to strike down enemies in front of him. This power is capable of striking multiple targets with increased Punch Through and damage as it is upgraded. EDIT* Lancer has a small chance of dealing Electric proc to enemies struck by the weapon.

2. Power Cell: Warlock surges his team with energy, recharging shields and overloading their energy pools, allowing for more power usage for a limited amount of time. Base Duration is 7 seconds with a 25 Energy Overcharge (Max is 75 and no mod cards can increase this amount)

3. Synchronize: By selecting a teammate in the squad, Warlock alters his third ability to match the third power of THAT teammate. However, Warlock may only use the power copied once. This can range from any third power, including Rhino's Roar, Loki's Switch Teleport, Mirage's Eclipse, and so on. Also, after a power is copied, no energy is required to activate as energy was use to activate Synchronize. The power will stay in Warlock's line up until it is used and powers do not stack.

4: Fate's Hand: Channeling energy from within, Warlock summons a massive long sword comprised of energy to wield in combat. The sword has a wide range with fast attacks, including a charge up attack that unleashes a powerful spin attack. During the time this ability is active, Warlock's armor is buffed by 50% but move's a little slower. Base Duration is 10 seconds.

(If anyone has suggestions and tweaks please let me know, I want to flesh this out as well as possible.)

Concept Art:

-None at the moment, I will update this section when I create some artwork for him-

3D Concept Model:

These are Alpha-Stage Concept Models (I prefer making models over artwork, its a preference I guess :P) The model you see is currently rigged using a bone structure of Ellis from Left 4 Dead 2. That bone rig is merely a place holder but it gives me ideas of how the character can move and be posed. I will also update this with more improved, textured models as time progresses. Also I am aware there are a few mesh issues, I will fix those in a later update.



I may or may not be altering the helmet, I'm still deciding on other possible ideas for the helm, but I like what I have got so far. Another thing I should note is, the thing on Warlock's left side of his body is like a tattered and worn jacket or shroud. It's suppose to further add to that "rustic" feel of him.

I hope people like the idea of this frame, he has been fun to think of so far. So I'm looking forward to working on him from here on out. :D

I'll regularly edit this post with new info and mention the changes in a reply to this thread.

ADDITION: Warlock's staple weapon is called Guardian, a heavy sword and shield combo harkening to an age of Sword combat. A medium sized Broadsword is accompanied by a large Paladin-like shield in this combo. When unequipped the sword and shield hang across his back. The shield has a small chancing of deflecting incoming bullets from hitting him from behind. (The combo when sheathed resembles Link's Hyrule Shield and Master Sword combo.)

Some stats:

Slash DMG: 48.0

Impact DMG: 15.5

Speed : O.9

Stamina: 15

Spin Attack: 320.0

Wall Attack: 210.0

Jump/Directional Attack: 210.0

Could use Eleventh Storm or have its own Stance.

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I like your concept specially third power :)


Thank you :D I gotta say the third is my personal favorite. I just like the versatility it offers. Playing defense and you want a sudden damage boost, and you got a Mirage on your team? Boom, copycat her skill and give yourself a buff instead.

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