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Stalker Drops Bp If He Flees?



In my ever continuing quest of getting the Hate bp to drop, I decided to re-visit the wiki page of the Stalker.


''If the targeted Tenno is successfully killed, the Stalker will disappear, vanishing into a cloud of black smoke. However, if the Stalker is forced to flee, he will drop a Mod, resource, and/or a blueprint of one his unique weapons. The Stalker will only flee if his health drops below 10%.''


This part the page is a bit confusing to me. Does this mean that the Stalker needs to flee in order to drop the blueprints? Because whenever he came to visit me he usually ended up dead before he had the chance to stand up. And the majority of the time he didn't drop anything for me.


But that part makes me think that we shouldn't kill him, but instead drop his HP to below 10% and let him flee. I'd like to test this, but Stalker hasn't been interested in visiting me for a while. I've been running around solo with low Conclave, but he just won't take the bait.

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Killing him will still result in the drops, I've still seen plenty of dreads by killing him. It's more a technical issue, we aren't supposed to be able to actually kill him but because of our current weapons it's quite easy to kill him right through the 10% before he begins the fleeing animation.


Both reward the drop though, he's treated as dead when he flees, the animation basically takes the rest of his health and gives the drop. All were doing is killing him before the animation does.

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