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Trouble Using The Treasury



On a first note, I'm sorry if this has been brought up already, I looked to see but couldnt find it already posted.


Ok, so I'm in a clan, and have donated 15,000 to 25,000 credits to the treaury, but as far as we can find, we can't use them. It also doesn't say that there are credits to be used by the clan.


My questions are;

1) Is anyone else having this problem?

2) Do you know what might fix it?


I know all about the permissions as I used to be the leader of a clan, and I know that, at the moment, i do not have the permissions to use the donated credits, but the leader of the clan can't use them either, and as far as i know, can't even see that they're there.


If it helps any, the rooms he have are;

1) Power Stations

2) Clan Hall (of course)

3) Oracle

4) Chem Lab

5) Some hallways/connectors (again, of course)


Is it just as simple as adding a certain room or something along those lines, or is it a problem/glitch that's not allowing him to use the credits?

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The treasury unfortunately is alliance only, resources only get added to the clan vault when you destroy a room. I run a solo ghost clan and the treasury still attempts to send credits to the alliance of which I am not a part of any, so treasury is alliance only.

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Moved to a proper section.

Thank you, and sorry for putting it in the wrong place. I'm new and I thought it was the right place, but this is my first post so i honestly have no idea haha



And thank you for the info.


Are you in an alliance?

If you are, you might have donated to the alliance vault instead of your clan vault.

What do you mean by alliance?

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What do you mean by alliance?


Multiple clans with mutual interests can unite and form an alliance. An alliance can house a maximum of 4000 members, regardless of the number of clans. Clans in an alliance can share a Vault and join force in a Dark Sector conflict. If a Dark Sector is successfully occupied by an alliance, any revenue gained from credits and resource tributes will be shared across all clans.


Once your in an alliance, a vault will be available to donate credits too, it will look like the trading post but have gold colours on it.

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