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Got Stuck On A Power Core (Excavation - Cambria)


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During the mission Excavation on Cambria, I attempted to pick up a power core


Currently uploading video, will edit when upload completes.... on my crappy connection.


Basically, I went to pick up the core, and the core was upside down half in the ground. I then bugged on the core, and became unable to do anything exept run in place. 


What I could do:




switch abilities


access Esc menu


Things I tried to do:

switch weapons


fire weapon (had my primary in hand)



use an ability




Immediately after the core despawned, I was free!


However my animations were not working. I could fire, but i fired my gun from the idle position (where you are just holding the weapon, not shouldering it to aim)


to fix this, I rolled and then switched weapons.


Afterwards, my game was kinda buggy, my frame rate was a bit lower, I normally cap at 60 and maintain that so it was pretty noticeable. 


after everything came back to normal, the only issue seemed to be framerate and response times, they were just marginally slower, but noticeable. 

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