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Dojo Obstacle Course Scoreboard


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We already got the time counter in the obstacle course, but what good does it do if you don't have a scoreboard? sure one can add in on the " message of the day" thing in the course room, but it doesnt exactly have enough space to write on and not all clans let every members write on them either, only their leaders. So, how about a top ten scoreboard that can be placed in the obstacle course or even the great/grand halls? Say that if you have the obstacle course in your dojo you can get the option to place the decoration " scoreboard" that will name position on the scoreboard, the name of the player, the frame that was used and the time used on the course. example:


| 1 | username  | Banshee | 01:05:28|

| 2 | username  | Loki        | 01:06:03|


I really believe this would be a great addition and clan members would have a more competitive feeling as well instead of having only the ones in the dojo at the time see the time, everyone who visit the dojo and looks at the scoreboard see the " top ten" and wants to try get their name up on there.

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agree thar os a big wall for the score board aswell when you enter the obstacle course room to your right is a big window right above that is  a great place to put it tbh

Always kinda assumed that was what that window was meant to be, honestly.

Here's hoping it comes to fruition along with the customizable dojo colors.

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I agree with Kestral9999.  I always kind of assumed that the area to the right (when you first enter) would be a leaderboard for clans.  DE, anyway we can get this added to an already amazing game?  ;0)


Thanks for all you do!

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