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Excalibur Ability Bug: Has Been In The Game Since The Unintentional Nerf


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     I have mentioned this before but repeating this to make sure it gets the necessary attention and fixed in the next hotfix especially since this bug has been in the game for a good while now.

     I have noticed that since the line of sight changes to excalibur's radial blind were revoked that he no longer produces white sprinkles when using his powers. When radial blind is activated during the stun period there are no white sprinkles in front of enemies faces to let you know they have been stunned and the smoke effect to show they are blinded is also absent afterwards even though the ability still works as intended. Same goes for radial javelin as well, which no longer produces as many sprinkles as it once did. I have tested this while playing solo and also as host with other players, the bug is still apparent regardless. I am led to believe something was changed by mistake on your end. I thought this might be a problem with the radial blind in all instances of the game but after watching a couple mirage players using prism and seeing the visual identifiers on enemies I found out that the bug is specific to excalibur and his prime variant.


     This is either my 3rd or 4th time posting this bug, It doesn't make sense for me to use a power to crowd control enemies then have no visual feedback of their current state. I keep posting because I have seen several hotfixes, bug fixes and updates go out and this hasnt been fixed still.

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