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5Th Operative In Void Mission And Other Tweaks.


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No, it's not a five player run. Sorry.


But I have an idea that might make Orokin void more interesting. Or it may not, just read this long and tedious thing I wrote and 5:30 in the morning.


The void missions, in essence, are exclusive missions that earn you special gold plated weapons and warframes. Broken down to this, it is no better then to go to a TIII survival in the void than to do a survival on say, Pluto or Ceres; the only exception being better gear rewards.


But the drop chances are crazy in the void and we never seem to get what we want, or seldom do.


I'd like to introduce a mechanic that'll make the void special instead of being a standard mobile defense or exterminate mission.


A 5th operative will accompany into the Orokin ship. You will never see him, as he is searching through the cargo of the ship. He will contact you if he's found anything, and what exactly, he's found.


That's not all. 


Missions will become different depending on what mission.



The mission will proceed as a typical exterminate mission.


Once the tower is clear, the 5th operative will contact you on a stockpile of items you may find interesting. However, he cannot pinpoint it on your mini-map as all his functions and were lost while escaping from a separate set of enemies.


He gives you a choice:


-Extract now and he'll grab whatever he can get

-Seek out this stockpile and choose among a small cache of items.


Should you find this stockpile and chose a special void item, the alarm will sound, and the corrupted that were chasing the operative will now target you. 


-The entire level is reset, forcing you to kill whatever amount of enemies you already have, again.

-Their levels will be 150% of what they were (level 10 becomes 15, 20 becomes 30 and so on.)

-You will be forced to use secondary or melee only. The item is carried with you like a data-mass.



The mission proceeds as a typical capture mission.


Once all targets are collected, the operative will contact you about a sealed door that is bound to contain something valuable. However, he cannot open it. One of your hostages will pipe up, saying that he knows how, and he can open it for you, only after you surrender everything you collected in the mission, including mods and resources.


-You can extract; the operative will use every explosive device he has, and taking what remained intact for you.

-Look for the door and surrender everything you earned thus far. 


Once you've found and opened the door, you can again choose from a small cache of items.


-Enemies spawned from that point on will have their levels increased to 133% (10 to 13, 20 to 26 and so on.).

-You will be forced to secondary and melee.


Upon reaching the final room, the hostage will say something like, "This is gonna make me RICH!" or "You do plan on releasing me, right?"


Mobile Defense:

Lotus sends you to help out a lone Tenno Operative in the void.

The operative tells you that he can't seem to locate the stash of valuables hidden on the ship. He asks you to extract the data from the terminals and send it to him to decipher and locate the stash of items. Once you've finished that, the operative will send you to the room with the stash.


It will be locked with a cipher. You will have to decode five of them, each of them having six panels, similar to the mastery test requiring the same thing. 


There will be a single item sitting inside. The operative will contact you again, giving you a choice:


-He managed to decipher the location of another, comparably small cache of items. He will give you the coordinates of this stash and you can try your luck there. This can happen up to 4 times, and each time you manage to break in, enemy levels will increment by 20% (20 - 24 - 28 - 32 - 36 and so on).


-Grab the current stash and make for extraction. This will increase enemy levels by 20% and you will be stripped to secondary and melee only.



The operative remarks on how well stocked this ship is in particular. In order to find something valuable, he'll need some time and space. He marks on the map the most valuable and most heavily guarded item there is. That is your defense objective.


Every five waves he will encounter something new. He will show it to the Tenno. He gives you a choice:


-Take it, and extract immediately.

-Buy him more time, and he'll look for something nicer for you.


In a solo party, this proceeds until the player sees something he likes. This is followed by immediate extraction.


In a party of two or more, every person who see's an item they want can choose that item. It will speed up the search process, allowing for up to two more choices every 5 waves. However, once you've chosen, you cannot change your loot.


This keeps going until all party members have chosen. Once all party members have chosen, the operative explains that he will have to go back and pick up the items you've chosen, and that he needs a little bit more time. Your endless defense becomes limited defense with five waves remaining. Once all the remaining waves are dealt with, you extract immediately with your chosen item.



The operator takes note on the dedication and the boundless recklessness that Tenno have. He reluctantly agrees that alerting the enemies will create a distraction for his search and encourages you to hit the alarm.


Once they start draining oxygen, he will swear under his breath and begin his search.


The mission proceeds as normal.


The operator will occasionally contact you about a store room that is filled with compressed oxygen. He will point it out on your mini-map and will continue his search. If you seek out this room and destroy the oxygen tanks, the atmosphere will give 50% total oxygen remaining, regardless of whether or not it's been completely drained or not.


The longer you stay, the higher the chances that the operative will inform you about another stash he's managed to collect aside from the default stash given every five minutes. He will make a remark on how efficient the Tenno are at killing distracting.



The Operative remarks that this ship is receiving incoming information from an unknown source. The operative hints that they might receive information about a hidden stash in the ship. He request that you tap the messages, and not to let either sender nor receiver know that you're there.


Proceed as usual.


The less the enemy terminals are, the higher the chances of finding better loot. If the enemy has 15%, you lose the chance at double the loot. If the enemy is at 25%, Their levels will increase by 10%. If the enemy has 50% or more, the operative will suffer from increased security and you will only get a small amount of loot.


Didn't really think about interception as much, but I can change it if I think of something.


I also really don't know if this is the proper section either, so yeah.


I think this would be a nice change to the void mission and increase drop chances across the board. The power of choice is strong in this one.



I think.


Let me hear your feedback.

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