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Health Bar (For Players And Enemy)


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Hi, had just recently started playing warframe and I cant help to notice that I have a difficulty of identifying allies and enemy and also i cant see the HP of my allies without having to glance to the top right of the screen (provided i toggled it on by pressing "z").


- Names of allies to be visible without having to point my cursor at them.

- Would really love it for an option to be available to turn on/off the HP/shield bar(On top of the characters) of allies and enemy.



- With the names of allies visible per say on top of them, it is easier for them to be spotted in the middle of a crowd of corpus

- It is also easier to identify between allies who is who

- HP bars for allies will allow support warframes to be more effective where they can see the HP of their allies making it easier for them to heal teammates, this will automatically enhance the teamwork value of this game and add a hint of coordination between players making use of the potential of each individual warframe rather than just hacking and slashing enemies.

- HP for enemy (hopefully toggle-able) will allow players to make and estimation of the effectiveness of their built by observing the damage that they are doing to the enemy. 

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It'd kinda make me feel like I'm playing Dynasty Warriors with space ninjas, but it's not a bad suggestion honestly. If they do make an option to toggle overhead health bars, I'd like them to get rid of the one at the top of the screen if you have it toggled on. Too much screen clutter.

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I always hate it how I can see thru the "Z" menu who's health is dropping, but I don't know where they are on the map. I like to be able to play support and help a friend who's getting overwhelmed, but last night for example - I was with two friends running frosts, both had a brown-ish color scheme, so I couldn't tell them apart.  When one got very low on HP I said over voice chat "Where are you [name]?!?" with the intention of covering them with my Nyx bubble until their shields regenerated, but I had no idea which one was which and I ran to the wrong side of the map...

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an option to be available to turn on/off the HP/shield bar


This is what sells the idea.

I personally can't see myself ever using this option, but there are quite a few players out there who would enjoy something like this. Client-sided options never hurt.



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