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Halp, Banshee Q-Q



Ok so i just got banshee, and for some reason she plays a lot like mag . basically instead of shield polarize i spam sonar, and have sonic boom as a conuter-pull.


now, whats a good build for her, and what abilities should i use?


im seeing that sonic boom and sonar is a given , and also maybe sonic quake(not enough mod points for it yet) , but silence seems to be spit upon fairly often, and then randomly praised o_0. clarification please?


current build, or build im going for ,


rifle amp / energy siphon, depends on if i forma .


sonar, sound quake, sonic boom, intensify, fleeting expertise, continuity, streamline, stretch, constitution,(all maxed)


and blind rage rank 4.


along with either a lesser ranked BR ,arcane corus helmet for the efficiency.


this should give me:

+75% power strength

+75% power efficiency

   -2% power duration
+45% power range
so sonar would give a 875% damage bonus, and last for 29.4 seconds,with a cost of 12.5 energy.
i was kind of thinking of spammign sonar non-stop-ish, because i heard that the parts overlap along with the damage bonus, i do know that they keep adding cause i once just by spamming made a heavy gunner go blue XD
so er, what should I go for , am i building wrong? etc. at least some tips on your favorite banshee playstyle.


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I've been running a half-ranked Narrow Minded on her for Silence. Enemies are staggered every time they enter the aoe (after the previous stagger ended) and the smaller range makes this very easy.


That with a melee build is a lot of fun (imo).

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Silence is a lot better than it used to be, the main issue with it is that while her other abilities benefit from having max range, for silence it means that the enemies will often suffer the stun effect long before they're within your line of fire, making it useless unless you seek them out. It's also not very practical for stealth (ironically).


So it's useful, but you could probably live without if you'd prefer to max out the range on her other skills.

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well yeah, giving up 3 skills just to use 1 is kinda eeeeeeegh,


btw, i noticed that banshees soudn quake is glitched, whenever is stop it all the enemies insta-un-stun and shoot as if nothing had happened. maybe DE needs to add a 1-2 seconds delay time? i got killed like 5 times in the sands event because of it, i woudl stun them all, and then while i stop the quake , during the getup animation or directly afterwards i would die..........


ill try it out with natural talent, but that seems a waste of a mod slot....

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Sound quake is best used as a force multiplier for your teammates and area denial to the enemy. It's to buy them time to kill stuff or revive a teammate in a S#&$storm. It's not a good soloing skill.


Situationally, it's quite powerful, but when I'm running Banshee on my own I wouldn't miss it if unequipped.

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Banshee is quite versatile in her build variety, I've found, though she needs forma to maximize on this. I wouldn't worry too much about keeping duration in positive figures, as Sonar is generally spammed a lot and Silence is rather situational (AoE stun is nice though).


I have a tried-and-tested build that focuses on range and efficiency. I've used it on anything from Mars Interceptions to hour-long T4 void survivals, and works great, in my opinion. It looks a little like this:




My tactics are Sonic Boom for crowd control (you should see it with +90% range), Sonar for team damage amplification and awareness of enemy numbers/location, and Sound Quake when we get swamped, or if someone gets downed and the reviver needs cover.


*EDIT* Silence has a really useful AoE stun but it is quite short; most of the time I run without it. The acoustic dampening effect is useless in most situations, even when you're trying to be stealthy.

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My build is about the same, just instead of the redirection I use natural talent, and instead of overextended I use stretch.


im thinking maybe, just maybe, replacing stretch with overextended, or natural talent with overextended. i find that if you go in a team I usually don't get downed as much so im skipping the redirection.


Im not using constitution, that extra duration isn't worth it


continuity is enough duration , 18sec sonar is fine.


so is the natural talent a waste? i just find it allows me to use my sound quake a lot better, because spending 2 seconds activating and 1 sec deactivating gets me downed so much.......


im looking fora  build that assumes ill get 1 shot :P cause long term survivals etc. end up like that no matter what kind of shields you're building.


btw the sound quake giltch is annoying the hell out of me, skates and infested seem to pause after i use my soundquake, but grineer dont and just all fire once and continue normally, its very very annoying and isntadowns either me or some1 on my team. (unless all the grineer got wiped out anyways.)

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This is what I run most of the time and it works quite well I tend to use Silence as a CC stun while having Sonar pop up and take every poor Mob out with about 10x damage sure you need a Chorus Helmet but those should be cheap to get and since you shouldn't really be getting hurt you could switch both Redirection and Vitality for Vigor and be fine with maybe more power and duration or slightly more range if you feel the range you get is too small.

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If you're going with a max blind rage build, then lose the soundquake for silence. Soundquake eats a lot of energy and unless you're playing with some very helpful teammates, the ability can get you killed more often.


With a max fleeting expertise or rank 5, you can make the silence ability become a spammable CC skill. This turns your sonar to have less duration though and forces you to spam sonar every few seconds like a real sonar would.

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Sonar is not important unless fighting very tough enemy.   The bonus is very good against those and bosses but standard content, you are wasting time trying to hit the marked body parts.   The double sonar/quake combo is nasty but there again, unless high end enemy, they keel over from regular quake soon enough. 


For solo/standard content,  boom and quake are all you need,  with as much extended range, damage, and efficiency as you can get.   


silence is mostly for solo play, to do the stealth/sniper routine.  I don't use it -- if I want silence, I will mod my weapon for it.  


So I would run  quake and boom for solo and low end content and add sonar for endless missions, and again, range first, damage second, and efficiency third but as much of all 3 as you can slot. 

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the build i use is max range max efficiency minimum duration with a small strength boost This allows for nearly infinite  sound quake at a decent power level, and a decent duration on silence that allows it to be spammed  Sonar  has max range and still gives a small bonus  and sonic boom basically becomes rhino stomp for its range

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