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Selling Prime Parts N Modz

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following is for sale or trade  updated 23/10/14

Ak bronco p bp x2

Ak bronco p link x1

Ankyros prime bp x1

Bo prime bp x6

Bo p ornament x6

Boar prime bp x1

Boar prime rec x9

Boltor prime bp x1

Boltor prime stock  x8

Boltor p barrel x2

Braton p bp x6

Braton p stock x4

Bronco prime bp x8

Bronco prime reciever  x1

Burston prime barrel x3

Burston prime stockl x3

Dakra prime blade x1

Dakra prime handle x1

Ember p chassis x2

Ember prime helmet x4

Fang prime blade x1

Frost prime systems  x3

Frost prime chassis x5

Frost prime helmet x2

Glaive prime disc x2

Hikou prime stars x1

Hikou prime bp x1

Latron prime bp x4

Latron prime barrel  x2

Lex prime bp x1

Lex p barrel x1

Lex p recieverl x1

Loki p bp x8

Loki prime chassis x1

Mag prime  bp x6

Mag prime chassis x3

Orthos p handle x3

Paris prime bp x3

Paris p  lower  x3

Paris p string  x1

Reaper handle x6

Reaper prime  bp x1

Rhino prime systems x6

Rhino prime chassis x1

Sicarus prime reciever x1

Sicarus p barrel x9

Wyrm p bp x1

Wyrm prime carapace x1


i also have a selection of mods so ask...dont be shy ;)

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