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Republic Of Muffins Is Now Recruiting All Active Tenno


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The Republic of Muffins clan is now recruiting all active tenno. We have all labs built and all research finished, we also have an obstacle course and dueling room if you feel the need to duke it out 1v1 with a clan-mate/ friend or if you want to practice and hone your parkour skills. Our clan leaders are experienced players that would love to help any tenno, new or old with farming and leveling items.

Who are we?
We are a new[ish] clan that started in around June 2014. Our original plan was to be a three man ghost clan (me and two other friends), but within around a month or so we started chatting it up with other Warframe players and inviting new people, the clan evolved, and now we're where we are right now.

What do we want?
Any active Tenno (new or old) that is willing to learn
Tenno who are active participants in the clan
Anyone who is willing to help less experienced players
Folks who are chatty and active

At the moment our only goal is to have fun playing the game we love and maybe become an international clan. Probably after we build a solar rail we'll begin to bring equality back to the solar rails.

How to join:
All you have to do to join is comment your IGN and after that just check your inbox (I'll probably be on at around 8-9 pacific time)

Our rules and ethics are as follows:
1)Don't be rude or pushy and be considerate of other clan members

2)If you are inactive for a long length of time you will be kicked (the established time for now is 3 weeks-a month)

3)If you are an active contribution to the clan (recruiting new tenno, ex) you will have the chance to move up in ranks

4)Please do not pester the admins about ranks and stuff, after you tell us once or twice we get it (although this doesn't count of an infraction it's still annoying)

We abide by a three strikes rule and if any of these rules are broken 3+ times you will most likely be kicked

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment

If we exceed the max amount of players for storm clan we will most likely have a vote on whether we should upgrade or not upgrade

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