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Why Is Downloading The Game So Slow?



Just finished building my new computer, and went to download Warframe only to be dismayed by the horrid download speed:




Now before anyone goes blaming my own internet, I downloaded Skyrim in about a minute:




Is DE extremely cut back on their content distribution, or am I missing something here?

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you think that's bad? You haven't experienced the pain of the 5 BYTES PER SECOND! Okay that doesn't happen all the time but still, I can barely manage over a 100 on a good day. And that's why I always try to keep up with updates. So I don't have to go through gigabytes of content.

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5kb/s and the stops for 10 seconds, so if i had 418 kb/s that whould be great.

it`s not the internet the problem, i ussually download with 6-7mb/s(on steam).

any suggests?

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