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When Will We Be Able To Migrate Pc To Ps4



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I am not sure if it was an one time offer, we have no information on that.

I think they did say it was a one time deal, but... I suppose it could happen again, but I would guess it won't.


They told us to do it even if we weren't playing on PS4 at the time, just in case you wanted to at a later date, because it was a limited offer.  Unfortunately not everyone that would have been interested had a PSN account to do it with at the time.


I think, but am not totally sure, that at this point whether there is another migration is probably more in the hands of Sony than DE.

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They told us it was a limited-time deal, not a one-time deal.


DE is pretty careful about what they state will or will not return.  A lack of stating it won't come back generally means it's on the table for a re-run at some time.

And yeah, Sony is the complication here.

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