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Using Teh Shortcut = Fps No Moar?


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Hello all :)!


I use Steam to play the game, but sometimes I'm too lazy (-WAT?) to open Steam, so one day I found the launcher and decided to play directly from it. Nice!


But well, after a time I didn't want to go C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Warframe\Tools to get to the launcher. I decided to... make a shortcut, YAY-NESSSOCLEVEROMGAWD!


Everything looked fine and easy. Until I used the shortcut.

It's true that when U14 came out I had some weird problems with FPS, they dropped to 20~40 sometimes less if the enemies wanted to bring all the party. But after many updates/hotfixes, everything was SMOOTH criminal.


When I used that shortcut, well, it looked like those problems were back. Low fps, even lower depending of the number of enemies on screen. WEIRD.


Then I went back to the original folder and played from the launcher. SMOOTH again!

Shortcut: Slowpoke

Directly from Launcher: I believe I can fly.


So, what's happening? Maybe I got a curse from being lazy to open Steam and now my fate is to always open all those folders to play? *tears*


Thanks for the attention x)

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