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Can We Have Zoom In/out In Arsenal While Appearance Weapon?


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well that not have any problem with male frame but.....one handed secondary + female frame = how the hell i'll check the color !?


Test with my lovely Captain Hydroid



Test with Random $#*(@ female frame


Where my secondary???



a bit rotate .... oh you there my acrid


another random Burning Chicken





at least fix the screen to focus on secondary not warframe body......or just add zoom in/out option for us.

oh wait all my frame have Nobel animation, i have no idea if i changed to other animation can be fix too?

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First I thought you were crazy, but nope you were right on this one. I just now checked while using Loki Prime to hold it. Same problem that Hydroid has. you can't see it right for whatever reason. Like I see it, but yeah too much zoomed, and can't see whole gun.

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Of note: If you switch from color A to B and back again, it holsters the weapon. This allows you to look at it quite well on most frames.


Also, both male and female frames have "look at me swing my weapon about" anims while you're coloring them. On the one hand, it can be annoying. On the other, it allows you to see it under different angles and lighting conditions. So I'm sorta ambivalent on the whole.

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