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Dual Weapons Customization


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I just read the topic of the Skin Contest (congrats to all the guys who participate) and when I see the Akmagnus (my favorite weapon) winners, I just wanted to use both at the same time.


So what about that: for dual/ak weapons like Akmagnus, Dual Cestra, Dual Heat Swords and all the other duals, the option to customize each weapon.


Example: I want to customize my Akmagnus to use one red Magnus on one hand and one blue Magnus on the other hand. Or use one skin on left-hand Magnus and another skin on right-hand Magnus.


You can consider the "second" Magnus like a "decoration" of the Akmagnus, so the weapon color scheme will aply to one hand, and the "decoration" color scheme will aply to the Magnus on the other hand. Want to use the same color on both? "Copy main color" like all decorations works.


Well, what do you guys thing about that? Posted on feedback more for suggest it to DE than General Discussion it.

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