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Need To Report A Player, Can Anyone Link To The Report Forum?



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There is your best option.

Also, if you are going to report players for "trade scamming" and such, you should be sure to have picture proof etc.


And bear in mind that if someone has made you or a friend pay an outrages amount for a mod/prime part, then Support will most likely not be able to help you since you agreed to pay the amount.

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Well if it is a true scam, submitting a report with proof to support is basically your best way to go. Reporting them on the forum is generally bad etiquette considering you would be personally calling them out.

However, i would like to point out that someone "scanning" by offering to sell you something at a ridiculously jacked up price is not exactly against rules, as our economy is built on players creating prices, so if i want to advertise "selling bo prime ornament 200p" I would be a fool, but wouldn't be breaking rules, of course if you buy it, that is on you... Support most likely will not help you if this is the case.

I understand others already posted most of this, but wanted to add that. Good luck tenno!

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