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October 10Th: Community Hot Topics!


October 10th Community Hot Topics  

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Tutorial talk 
Update 14 introduced an entirely new beginner tutorial to Warframe with the intention of guiding new players through the basic steps of how to play, but Warframe has a lot of interesting features that are not covered by the tutorial. The source threads for this topic suggest several ways to clarify some potentially confusing parts of Warframe. Is there a part of Warframe that you found particularly confusing when you started playing? Is there anything you still find confusing? What else do you think could use a new tutorial? 
Source threads:

Variety in Boss Types/Playstyles
Boss battles are frequently a hot topic on the forums. Who doesn’t love a good boss fight?! The source threads for this topic suggest some interesting ways to create some bigger, badder, bosses. What do you like in a boss fight? Which boss is your favorite? Are there any cool boss mechanics that you would like to see added to Warframe? 
Source threads:

Sigils were teased in
, and the community has been starting some interesting discussions about them. If you haven’t heard about Sigils yet, watch the Devstream link, or open the spoiler tag below. 

“Sigils are the next form of customization that are visible directly on the Warframe, rather than an add-on that stick off of frame like our vanity items. Each Sigil has its own unique design, can be colored and placed on a Warframe where you please.”
“Sigils will be unlocked through completing quests that will require a specific kind of gameplay, such as defeating an enemy with only melee weapons equipped. Each of these quests will provide players with a unique Sigil that can be placed, resized, and uniquely colored on any Warframe. Sigils act as a rite of passage in a way, identifying players who have completed difficult content without needing to pigeonhole content into any kind of power creep.”

What is your first impression of Sigils? Are you excited? Is there a specific Sigil you’d like to see/have? Are Sigils something you’d like to use on all your warframes? Lets hear your thoughts!
Source thread:

Upcoming Excalibur Changes
The upcoming Excalibur changes have sparked some new hot threads. He was discussed a lot in a previous Community Hot Topics, but now that there are some changes in the works, what is your opinion on the new direction for Excalibur? Does it fix some of Excalibur's pressing issues? What is your initial reaction to these changes?
Source threads:

Tiberon Feedback
The Tiberon has been getting some interesting feedback in the community (I’ve found the feedback about the Latron requirement especially interesting). How do you feel about the Tiberon? Do you like that it requires a Latron to build? Are the Tiberon’s stats what you expected? 
Source threads:

More Pets! 
This is a fun topic that has been popping up on the forums ever since Kubrows were first mentioned. What other pets would you like to see added to Warframe?! The poll for this topic has several suggestions from the source threads.
Source threads:

(Big "thank you" to DEDanielle for her help with this week's Community Hot Topics!)
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A corpus bot of any kind would be nice as a pet.


Especially if you can interact with it on the ship...
To improve stats other than health and damage.

Crit for example
(Throw some peanuts in the air and it zaps three in a burst)


and to replace DNA stabiliser have a defrag mini-game.


Keep your corpus proxy regularly defragged and he builds you electronic resources while you are away.


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Scanning and codex needs it badly, probably an entire quest dedicated to it.


Boss Types:

I prefer Japanese approach to bosses, as in it's not the kill that matters, it's speed and style. You can kill it in 1 minute? What about 10 seconds? 5 seconds? 1 shot? 1 shot through a wall? Out of existing bosses Sargas Ruk probably fits better than any other, since you can 1-shot all his 3 weak spots in quick succession. To me best approach is extensive introduction of boss throughout the level followed by unrestricted fight where no artificial handicaps are applied, such as long invulnerability phases - unless you can actively break the invulnerability by performing X, Y or Z.



Kinda feel anemic about them, once you got 2 prettiest ones it's done. Forever. I collect all gear but there's no point in hoarding cosmetics. Even though I do that too...


Excalibur Changes:

Since Prime version is PC exclusive might as well be PC exclusive as a whole. Wake me up when upgraded version is on PS4. Till then I shall go back to my derelict orokin ship, to feed and slumber.



Not on PS4.


More Pets:

I voted Zanuka. What I really want though is a reverse - engineered Hyena bot. I keep 4 lvl 30 kubrows in stasis for mastery but I'll never use them because this cow-clicker style daily maintenance is a strict no-go for me. I also kinda dislike their looks.

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I voted for the Hyena pack and Lephantis as my favorite bosses because I enjoy the fast paced mobile action of the Hyena pack and I like the slower paced fight and the massive and intimidating presence of Lephantis.


As for the pets all I can say is forget archwings and drop everything else we need Tennosaurus Rex for update 15.


Now for the serious answer I voted for all of the pets except for zanuka because that thing is an abomination that needs to be destroyed not something to keep around as a pet but a jackal or hyena pet would be nice and should satisfy most of the people who want a zanuka and although I realize that most of the pet options are a joke I am dead serious about being able to use corpus proxys as pets because that would be awesome and completely lore friendly.

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At the moment, I think a lot of players are going to make faces at the announced changes until they can get their hands on them and test them. While Radial Blind and Radial Javelin may be acceptable (as much as any player can accept a nerf), most notes toward the proposals are that Super Jump seems unusual at best, and Slash Dash wasn't even mentioned (in spite of the popular suggestion to tie in melee gameplay through this and his ultimate).

Granting, the Super Jump proposal does make sense for what Excalibur is trying to do - be a balanced mix between stealth, mobility, control and damage. The change could potentially encourage players to, say, hide behind cover, Super Jump up and fire off a Radial Blind to facilitate party-wide stealth. Of course, this doesn't deal with some of the real issues with the ability - namely the animation lockout, and the low ceilings that take out the need for a third dimension.

Really though, the changes come out to whether they encourage creativity and bring more to how players use the frame. Do the changes to Radial Javelin make it better as an ultimate? On paper, perhaps, but the change to how javelins spawn may negatively impact the popular Attractor+Javelin strategy. Sure, the buff to Super Jump makes it semi-worthwhile, but does it make it more intuitive to implement into Warframe's fast-paced combat? Probably not by much.


Currently, I'm still trying to figure out why we aren't discussing last CHT's Nekros poll.



Anything involving dragons will win me every time. (Wyrm... barely qualifies, given that his ability is yet another radial stun rather that something really draconic.)

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About Sigils: I feel they're a nice idea, but I'm not really losing my mind over them. I'm interested in seeing meta-sigils (sigils won from stuff outside the game) and switch the back sigil to another more exposed body part, like say the thigh. Maybe limit the sigil number but add variable body emplacement?


About Excal: I feel like the changes aren't really intuitive. You're nerfing his CC power (Radial Blind) in exchange for a stun and invisibility on top of more CC on his ult. To me that's counter productive, to nerf a stun and add more. I'd also like to point out that his super jump is still just a glorified jump, and I don't think it's really interesting as an ability. His ult is similarly somewhat dull, in the sense that while you do get a feeling of power, you're not really invested in the ability, beyond the "I did these javelins!". Personally I'd like it if his ult was replaced by him throwing a single super-powered javelin (see Sunlight Spear in Dark Souls I & II) that you can aim with. With enough damage and punch through, it would feel as useful as the current ult, but way more interesting in a gameplay perspective. For super jump, I think it would be better if it gave a refill/boost of shields, and the next "move" of Excal is super-powered (IE much faster sprint OR a super jump). Maybe add a stun if his boosted shield collapse. 


About new pets: Me and my brother have been kicking around the wild idea of a sort snapping turtle.


Snapping turtles are nasty.



Edited by Kinperor
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I so want a zanuka always have, and I know of a work around for it, instead of taking pre existing war frames and chopping them up like alad did (it was his only means of getting warframe quality materials) we build the parts of zanuka like we build a warframe, unlike salad v we know how to make warframes (we do it all the time) so all we need is to get blueprints for zanuka, and modify the process

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Bosses, I put other for the old bosses. I realize they where somewhat boring, but I still liked them more. I apologize but........invincibility phases are the stupidest Beep-ing thing. I so can't Beep-ing stand it. It's just my opinion, and I think over all, more people are on the other side of the fence, but I hate HATE phase bosses with stupid no damage phases.  


Sigils, I know some people are meh about, but I'm really  really looking forward to the wacky challenges we may have to do to collect them all.


Man, if we get Orokittens and/or Zanuka pets, I will be gushing so much. (Orokittens and Zanuka would totally make up for the phase bosses by the way, not that it matters)

I realize the manufacturing process...

but I want a Zanuka.  


To the rails to claim victims!

Wait! I'm coming with you!

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