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October 10Th: Community Hot Topics!


October 10th Community Hot Topics  

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I voted for all of the silly things when it comes to pets, but really I want to see something that flies; give me a bird, a really, really huge bird that can charge through groups of enemies while knocking them down, picking one (or 2) up sky high and dropping them on their necks for instant death/massive damage.


Also ofcourse doing all manner of other bird stuff, like singing and pooping on things that don't like to be pooped on.

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What other parts of Warframe could use new tutorials? 


Mission types are not clear at all. There are no guide about invasions, Nightmare, Dark Sectors but also about normal missions. I think that there should be a more long Lotus dialogue at the beginning of every mission, where the player can obtain all the infos he/she needs for it. 


Who are your favorite bosses?


Lephantis, but only because it seems as a true boss. 
i don't like the normal boss mechanics (wait until a weak point shows, then hit the weak point until it disappear, then repeat). It's boring. 
I can understand to have some bosses that operate this way, but there is a need for more variety. For some example, let's take a look to other games for some ideas. 


Are you excited for Sigils?


Meh. I don't like showy exaggerated things. If they will be some restrained addition, I'll be ok with them. On the other hand, no. 
If you continue to add flashy things people will seem like a sort of mix between a gansta and Tony Manero, instead of futuristic warriors. 


What is your initial reaction to the proposed Excalibur changes?


Excalibur needs, NEEDS, N E E D S, a complete rework. 

Adding some utility effects on his skills will not solve anything. 


Excalibur (it's your statement) is a 'balance between attack and mobility'. Where's attack? His damage abilities (like all other damage abilities in the game that don't scale) are useless against high level enemies and too powerfull against low level ones. In two words, they're completely unbalanced. 


So, Excalibur damage abilities should scale with the melee weapon of the Warframe OR scale with the enemy level to be really usefull. 

If you just add some utility effects and nerf Radial Blind, this Warframe will be nothing more then trash. The nerf of Radial Blind (his most usefull and powerfull ability at the moment) must be balanced by a complete rework of his damage abilities (COMPLETE, not only add some new effects as I said).

About Radial Javelin, I like the changes, but as I wrote the damage should scale. Slash Dash too.
About Super Jump, why do you want to add Invisibility? It's not a stealth Warframe like Loki or Ash so, just don't. On the other hand, you can add the crowd control effect both on the start and the end of the jump (when he jumps and when he lands) for the normal cost of 10 points, that is quite good for a small CC ability with a second effect (however not so usefull). 

About Radial Blind, I'm ok with the line of sight nerf, but if 'logic' is the key word, you must boost the stun duration. Because an enemy blinded by a flashbang granade (the same of Radial Blind) certainly will not be stunned for only 2 seconds... AND, during the 'blind period', an enemy shouldn't be able to attack at all. Because, alwauys following logic, HOW should a blinded enemy be able to attack something, if he/she can't see anything?




Personally, I would like to see a sort of Orokin Space Tiger. 




Look at this. Skip at 0:48. This is how Super Jump SHOULD work. 

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Pet of choice:  BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRDDDDDDD!!!! (Yes I'm a serious birder and love, love, love them). Could see some raptor-esque style bird. Something tough that can talon strike from the air. Piercing/impact damage. Could perch on your shoulder when at rest, and act sort of like a sentinel when you're moving.


We don't need a Tennosaurusrex: We have a Rhino.



Bosses: Something that's not just a bullet sponge. Having to wait until the right moment to strike, or hit the weak spots is fun at times. We need something that's not just blind attack AI, maybe a craftier boss. Would be awesome to have a boss in a place that you have to utilize cover to protect yourself when you can from it's various effects. It's not a one hit killer, but if it does get you, you can't just stand, shoot and take the punishment. You need to think, you need to move, you need to get out of the way. More creative environments with bosses would help this too. Multi places to hide, levels to access for different strategic spaces....


Sigil: Not really thrilled or turned off by them. One doesn't have to use them if they don't want. It's a neat little reward that doesn't affect game play. I'm up for it for the most part if they're tasteful. If they started adding stats and such, no thanks. The grind to get these MR levels for the sigils is tough for me. I know I usually don't have enough going for me to get near another MR level anytime soon (I play with what I'm interested in, not get it to have it. Too much spent there)


Excalibur: I'm okay with the RB change, it makes sense and as a D&D player I get it totally. But the jump is mostly useless in general. I like knock down and all, but he needs something else. A more useful utility perhaps. If the jump has to be kept, how about when he lands he stuns AND they drop goodies such as health/energy (kind of like Reckoning). Heck, he's Excalibur, he should have some sort of shield to use. A personal shield (like Zephyr or Rhino) would be neat. Give him a chance to charge into battle. . If he's to remain the poster boy, he should be all around awesome. Doesn't have to be the all around most powerful or anything, but more useful than he is now. Also, Slash Dash needs some love. When he rushes forward, consider a conical shape around him. So if his direct line of sight target moves, he can still get them with the energy.




Speaking of bosses...I do want to bring up one thing that really, really gets on my nerves:


When fighting something that uses fire. For the love of RNGeesus, please don't allow the fire/explosion to go through solid walls or objects. The Radial Blind is being made with that change, the least that can be done is even it out for some of the Grineer abilities. It's very painful to be on the other side of a closed, large, heavy metal door and behind a pillar when you get hit with a fireball from a room away.

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I like the concept, but am apprehensive about the implementation. I definitely think that Warframe could use challenges outside of the Mastery Tests and the Steam Achievements. But I fear that the great grind god is going to rear his ugly head. If it were me, I would make the the Sigil challenges as skill based as possible. Something like "Reach Defense wave 30 with only a melee weapon equipped" instead of "Complete 30 missions with only a melee weapon equipped". Another example: "Perform 20 headshot kills with your secondary in one mission" instead of "Perfrom 200 headshot kills". The important thing to note is that the challenge could be completed in one mission, but it is challenging enough that you probably won't get it on the first try.


Truth be told, the Sigils themselves don't do anything for me. The Warframes are already so detailed and intricate that slapping a flashy symbol onto their body just clashes. The clan emblems and event emblems work because they are offset from the body whereas the demo Sigil just got lost. One idea I had keyed off of something DE_Steve said about wearing the Sigil to show fellow players that you are going for a particular Sigil. Instead of being a body sticker, I thought it might be cool to have a banner with the Sigil on it (kinda like a Samurai war banner or something, a flag on a pole you attached to yourself, almost like a syandana), Like this:




^I shamelessly ripped above image from the internet, all credit goes to owner

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I've said this time and again, but I'm getting downright sick of bosses who are built around the inanely boring gimmick of shooting them. Seriously. Every single freakin' boss overhaul makes the boss practically immune to melee. There are, of course, a few exceptions here and there, but there are WAY TOO MANY BOSSES that REQUIRE firearms to be beatable. You got me all hyped up for "The Sword Alone." Now let's actually get around to "The Sword Alone." Word is you're getting there, but it's not reassuring to see you guys still searching for feedback on this. 


Excalibur's changes are looking halfway decent; they're appropriate buffs and immersive nerfs, but at the same time I am rather disappointed with how decisively... unimaginative these changes are. I mean, is adding invisibility and a stun to Super Jump the absolute best you guys can come up with? Does Excalibur need to have Super Jump? Sure, Radial Javelin is getting buffed, but could we perhaps make it more interesting than yet another AOE burst damage CC ult? What's happening to Slash Dash? Why not tie more of his abilities in to melee use? It'd be more interesting, and would give Excalibur a sort of martial-discipline budou theme, which seems fitting for the "very first Tenno."


The Tiberon... ew. I like the idea of using other weapons to craft new weapons, especially if you guys are gonna tie that into tiered upgrades of early-game weaponry. I do NOT like the fact that you guys chose the Latron to start. Why? Because you have to build the Latron if you don't already have one you're planning to scrap sitting around. Why not use the newly added MK-1 weapons that you can just buy for credits? It'd make more sense to upgrade those. The build-requirements for the Tiberon are also rather disproportionate for how interesting a weapon it is. I mean, seriously... 12 hours to build a Latron, and you want a Forma? For what, a carbon-copy of the Burston? Are you kidding me? You kinda dropped the ball on that one, DE. Its build requirements are too high. Its stats are boring (not too low, mind you, just boring.) It's not exactly visually amazing. There's nothing that makes the Tiberon stand out from its cheaper alternatives. 


You guys seriously need to get to work on sorting the weapons of Warframe into their appropriate tiers, and clearly distinguishing between those tiers. You need different "versions" of essentially the same weapon to fit into each of those tiers (e.g. Burston > Hind > Tiberon > Burston Prime) I'd also strongly suggest a "skin" or alternate upgrade system so that people who hate the Tiberon or Burston Prime can still use the Burston as a high-tier weapon. 


Lastly, if you're going to continue with this trend of using older weapons to craft new weapons, I think it wouldn't be unreasonable to create a sort of crafting script that detects whether or not the weapon has a catalyst or any forma installed, and carries those changes over into the new weapon. Maybe I'm just talking out my arse here as the ignorant consumer, but it shouldn't be that difficult to do, should it? 

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Tutorials: I feel that Void and Invasions/Alerts/Nightmare missions need better tutorials. 


With bosses I prefer bosses like Vay Hek, Vor, and Hyena Pack, bosses that can go toe-to-toe with the Tenno and (aside from the first phase of Vay Hek) don't have an annoying gimmick attached to them. 


Sigils I'm slightly excited for - kinda wished there was more work being done on other things, but I'm a (fairly) patient guy and these'll keep me occupied for a good while. Plus they look good.


For the most part with the Excalibur changes I'm fairly happy, though I immensely disagree with invisibility being added onto Super Jump as it seems really out of place, and it feels like something just tacked on as an afterthought. 


Tiberon is Good, but I feel it did not need or warrant a Forma to build. 


For Pets I'd like to see a floating cybernetic Octopus, and a Kubrow-sized version of those crab things shown off in a previous Devstream.

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Time to pitch my small explanations for the subjects - Sigils and Bosses.


Sigils... They look like a very neat piece of cosmetic material. I do like the fact that they are based off energy color and other things that you developers decide to. My only thoughts are how difficult are the quests are they going to be to get X sigil. Besides the quests... Lore please. Who is this group giving us the sigil? What is the sigil? What does it represent? That kind of thing.


As for bosses, the boss reworks are very neat indeed. I do feel that there should be more dynamic battles, like Lephantis. I don't want something too bullet-spongy, but a little bit of a challenge and for the boss to have interesting tactics to respond with. Knowing that Archwing is in the horrizon, hopefully Golem, will be great and interesting, since the ship is the boss.


Other then that, I have no further input. Thanks for making these topics and reading!

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Alright let's do this.


Dojo construction and alliances definitely need this.
There's also the codex scanner, which I find many newbies don't even know exist, that needs some info given.



My personal favorite bosses are the G3 and Stalker, however you did not put this vote option in but I guess assassins are different than the regular bosses so alright.




In most action games I find bosses that have a similar size and similar moveset to the main character to be my favorite. A great example of this the second fight against Dante in DMC4.


Vor is probably the most tenno-like boss in this game. Instead of parkouring he teleports though, and he has a cronus! Although it's not very melee 2.0 compatible.

His fight is very enjoyable. He throws a couple of curveballs at you with the nervos mines, which inexperienced players have a really hard time dealing with. This teaches them that they cannot tank everything and forces them to take the fight to another area.

The only real thing that I'd improve with him is the Melee fighting. You have this complex mechanic, melee 2.0, you literally have no excuse to make melee vs melee combat if you put this much effort into it already.


Vayy lmao Hek

The fact that you fight him throughout the entire stage is definitely something unique to Hek.

But... just like his placeholder incarnation, he is still a bullet sponge. But at least he's a unique bullet sponge.

Shooting his face is very hard if you don't have a Nova with MPrime on your team. I suggest that shooting his invulnerable parts causes him to slightly stagger every 1000 damage.


I haven't fought his Terra frame in a while, so no feedback on that yet.


Long story short: Make him less of a bullet sponge and make him more affected by our constant rain of bullets.

Also good god make the grind to get to him less annoying. I mean, sheesh.


Salad V a.k.a the profit Muhammad (the nickname is a W.I.P. also Christians don't get insulted by RNGesus so Muslims shouldn't either.)


It's the same reason why I like the Vor fight, except it's more unique.


Also, I feel like being able to parry boss melee attacks should leave them in a dazed state, which allows for an uber cool counter animation that takes a good chunk out of the bosses shields or HP. Maybe even leaving them permanently at a lower shield capacity.


Lepanties (l-lewd...)


It's hard to explain why people like this boss so much.

It IS a bullet sponge, but since it's a huge freaking ancient that's more ancient that the ancients it gets a free pass.

You really feel oppressed fighting this thing in a small room. And I love it!

Hyena pack (forgot to vote on this one)


With a cell, it's a game of "divide and conquer" for both the pack and the cell.

It's like your fighting against another squad of Tenno! The team who can co-operate the most wins!


I personally feel like they should act more like tenno as well. Utilizing abilities and their main, secondary and melee weapons.


The abilities they use should have more defined hitboxes. They should also be visibly staggered by melee attacks, as well as blocking and launching their own counter-attack.

Excalibro changes

What will happen to slash dash? Will it finally scale with melee and add to the combo counter?

Well, it's certainly getting an air casting animation at least. What with the team working on directional air melee and all.


Radial blind I feel like, while it won't be as good as the original, it'll be quite a good CC ability. I just pray to whatever deity's you guys at DE believe in that the hitbox will be fixed. I fear the hordes of pissed off Excal players, even though I'm one of em.


Radial javelin changes are... totally unexpected...

I don't know. The changes made pretty much make it similar to Rhino Stomp, minus the CC ability. Unless you added some CC as well.

A lot of us, me included, would've prefered if you just made it pin enemies, alive enemies to walls for a certain duration. But you can't always have exactly what you want, otherwise we'd all be spoiled.


I really don't know what to think of superjump until I use it, but it seems nice.
An idea I originally had was for superjump to have a controllable arc. People use it for mobility, right? So why not make this moblity ability (huehue) more mobile?
Not to mention that warframe doesn't have a lot of vertical platforming so this change would give it some efficiency at horizontal movement.

The radial stun near the enemies are nice.




Do the Moa!
Because we can customize the moa a lot more than sentinels or Kubrows! And you don't have to get a new one every time you change the abilities.

Let me explain.

In my eyes all moa "bodies" are the same, minus the size difference.

So, why not just remove the head and weapon bit and replace it with another part?

Don't want a laser shooting moa? Give it a shockwave weapon!
Don't like that? Give it a sniper attachment!
Want to ride it? Give it a seat for a head!

The possibilities of Moa customization are literally endless! You could even have our friend Darvo make us special Moa weapons.

I feel like I just had a stroke of genius. I'll make a proper thread about this tomorrow.

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What other parts of Warframe could use new tutorials? (can choose more than one)


I chose every point, because beginners still need some explanations( "A key to the what?...") and because I love the tutorial dioramas.


I want the old gamemodes dioramas back in the codex aswell. You even addressed my question in the latest devstream and I'm glad you did! :)


Who are your favorite bosses? (can pick more than one)


Sargas,Hek(without the grindwall), Lephantis,Hyena pack and I hope the future reworked bosses! In fact, any boss with some varied gameplay,not straight bullet sponge or buffed regular unit.

I expect a lot from our next melee boss : Tyl Regor 2.0. A lot... (If he was able to parry 80% of incoming bullets, had counterattacks when going sword alone, and still keep his mad scientist script, I'm all for it)


What is your initial reaction to the proposed Excalibur changes?


Our poster boy needs to deserve his place. (and Nekros should be the Grim Reaper he is supposed to be!)

- Slash dash should really count in the combo counter. It should also stagger the enemies : right now you dash at them with an incredible speed, and... you just stop in front of them/go aside if it doesn't kill them. No ragdoll. No little tripping. No stagger. (same when you collide with an enemy at high speed/roll or slide = you hit a moving wall... :/ )

- Line of sight for Radial blind is logical. But an enemy cap?!...Naaah...

- Super jump... The quick invisibility is nice, however it feels out of place,off-topic : a shockwave that staggers anyone at a certain range once you land (like the impact mode but more powerful,with enemies literally flying in all over the place à la Matrix :D ) would be so much better!



- Radial Javelin changes aren't bad. I would have liked an animation of enemies still alive getting pinned to walls/just pierced in the stomach or an arm and trying to remove the javelins.




What other pets would you like to get in Warframe? (can choose more than one)

I've waited this question for a long time, DE... :)




(an eagle-like one woud be fantastic Fantastic. )






(the lizard pet)



And for the kubrow-cat, a panther/lion look-alike would be amazing!


(just noticed : we haven't got any Africa representation here :p)



(If you add a mane as a kubrow customization, I'd immediatly buy it. Day one. Hour one. And multiple times.)

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I feel as though if we are going to add pets

I would say a bird or flying companion like a kestrels, hawks, or falcons

those seem to be very reliable animals


it could rely the location of enemies or highlight all the rooms

if they were strong enough they could eevn blow gusts of wind the knock back enemies in front of them

there can be something like feathery down that helps dispel status ailments quicker


I am also a fan of lizards so chameleons or things that will cling to your shoulder while you run

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There's a difference between "more tutorials" and "better tutorials". The game needs both, not one or the other.


You know which boss I like the most? Tyl Regor. He's not a bullet sponge, has no invincibility phases, ridiculous one-shot abilities, or some obtuse gimmick. Just a simple boss fight.


I don't care about the Excalibur changes because I'll never use him. Why would I use a frame without any survivability or invincibility?


Never used Tiberon. In fact, I haven't updated the game in two weeks.


You're talking about adding new pets when Kubrows (and the rest of the game for that matter) are more broken than a glass pane dropped from an 8-story window? Get your priorities straight.

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"What other parts of Warframe could use new tutorials?" - Codex and Scanning


The reasons for Codex & Scanning outweigh anything else, even my personal other topics;

You have given us an entire new tutorial with awesome step-by-step explanations... and you totally forgot to put in the CODEX. The Codex just pops up after installing the navigation segment. The Codex is such a vital element of the game, and gives so much information that you should rub it into every new player's face. Many questions I see in region chat could be answered if people simply looked into their codex. Hell, I've even seen people ask about how to perform a spin attack.

So please, give the Codex a full blown umbrella Tutorial and add a few stuff in there as well. Give people incentive to buy a scanner and use it.

And while you are at it, remove the "unknown" mod flag to obscure information on them. We shouldn't need to scan enemies to see where that specific mod drops. Personally, I would be getting a lot more incentive to farm - or even start searching - for a specific enemy type if I see a mod in the collection that does some fancy thing I would totally dig. When you're at that stage, please add the "Void Container" as valid "enemy drop" to your database. There are still too many mods which are orphaned.



"Who are your favorite bosses?" - Hyena Pack - Mercury Vor - Alad V


Why Hyena pack; The base idea of having them scaled up in NUMBER than just level when joining with multiple people is very nice, and I'd even go as far to increase the number to +1 per player. So a 4 player squad would face 5 of them. They're a lot more deadly and diverse than Vor & Kril.


Why Mercury Vor; I really like that he has a multi stage fight, but I wholeheartedly loathe the stupid immunity mechanic. Please get rid of it. Let him replenish his shield and give it a damage reduction during the time of the summon, and decrease summing time. Also give the shield bubble more of a graphic effect than just a semi-transparent black.


Why Alad V; The idea of having a pet fight is putting some people's minds to the test, as it should. I'd even make Zanuka's shield immune to toxic penetration *wink wink nudge nudge new shield type* so that the emphasis is on wrecking Alad V before taking on Zanuka.


Here are the reasons why I don't like the other bosses listed;

  • Vay Hek; Multi staged fight is fine, but not when being spread out for so long, especially not when arbitrarily lengthening the fight. The mechanic of his face being vulnerable or not is too arbitrary and should go away. Any kind of random invulnerability should flat out disappear. Massive damage reduction; yes, I'm ok with that.
  • Jackal; the leg mechanic idea is okay as concept, but execution is horrible. Jackal behaves more like a lethargic turtle than anything else, sorry for the exaggeration. Add to that the idiotic invulnerability times and... yeah.
  • Sargas Ruk; I'd like to salvage his armor and make my own FULLY INDESTRUCTIBLE TENNO. Seriously. It should rather be; Hitting the "generators" to deal more damage once they pop up, but Sargas Ruk is just highly damage resistant against anything else. If you really want enemies with high damage resistance, and not just want to cramp up armor values, then bring a new type of armor which does two things; having not as bad weaknesses and stronger / more resistances (( look at Eximus for example )) AND give them a "hardened" type of armor, which reduces status effectiveness by some amount. This would mean that corrosive procs could never strip the armor entirely. Oh and last but not least; many melee weapons cannot even hit his vulnerable spots. Just saying.
  • Phorid; He would be a nice boss if he ACTUALLY would be mindful about his own skills, above all. Thanks to the rotten melee pathing and auto-targeting you can even crouch in circles while shooting at Phorid, not being hit by a single attack, and Phorid not using any other of his ability. Furthermore, it is super sad that one can even kill Phorid during the first scream phase with a weapon strong enough.


  • Lephantis; I would love this fight if it wasn't a horrible bullet sponge, and the "protected weak points" cannot even be bypassed with any value of punch-through installed. Because hey, that would make sense, right?


  • Lech Kril; I know not on the list but this is another horrible boss when it comes to mechanics. it is nice to riddle around until one eventually gets the idea to shoot his back - good luck finding that out solo first - but the issue is more actually hitting that thing... the hitbox is terrible. THEN trying to get him make a freeze attack is often not that easy, depending on random behaviour. But in the end, he suffers from the same problem as anyone else; STUPID INVULNERABILITY MECHANIC.


  • Kela de Thaym & Ambulas; The're both just flat out boring and uninteresting compared to the rest. At least give them immunity to certain status procs because it is sad to play ping-poing with Kela.


  • Nef Anyo & Tyl Regor; I don't comment because I know they're being reworked. THANK YOU.



"Are you excited for sigils?" - Yes!

Very much so. And I'm again one of the people who are indifferent about the inclusion of Founder's Sigils. I can see both sides of the coin, but I wouldn't rage over some ingame visibility for Founders.



"What is your initial reaction to the proposed Excalibur changes?" - Positive

I don't refer to the half-baked stuff we saw ingame for a short while, but more what on the Devstream talked about. I can see lots of merit for these changes, and I don't see them breaking the game.



"How would you rate the Tiberon, overall?" - Good.

I do not rate it excellent due to the poor quality of reflection maps. Stat wise; excellent. model shape and base textures; excellent. Reload animation and weapon sound; excellent. Acquisition; good (( still wonder why a Forma for a market weapon, but oh well)). But... the falsifying of colours and the inconsistency of lighting maps are TERRIBLE.

And why do I not comment on crit and status chance? Because not every damn weapon needs it, and I'd much rather get rid of crit chance completely and replace it with "weak point damage modifier." critical hits are a statistical average to measure how well someone aims/hits. Since it is OUR doing how well we are aiming and hitting, and we even have weakspots in the GAME... crit needs to go.



"What other pets would you like to get in Warframe?" - OTHER

Honestly, I'm disappointed with lots of the choices there are to select. Kubrows are - at least for me - kind of a cat & dog hybrid. The idea of having a Corpus Proxy as pet is decent, but the rest is ... no. Just no. I go with something entirely different;


HUNHOW - airborne supporters


There are your REAL birdlifters :3

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What other parts of Warframe could use new tutorials?

Oh man, I ticked every single one. They could all use a new tutorial on how to explain them. However, the one with Void/Void Keys sticks out a lot more to me. When I first started playing, about 4-5 months ago, I had no idea what the keys were for. The only way I figured it out was because I had a friend who had played Warframe longer than I had and told me.


Who are your favorite bosses?

Currently, none of them. I'm not too fond of the weak points they have, Vor/Sargus for example. If you aren't using a hitscan weapon they can be troublesome. My Dread has punch through, and I've seen arrows go through the weak spots for a grand total of 0 damage each time. I'd rather not have to play as a Nova to slow them down. There is kind of the same issue with Lephantis that I've noticed. If you aim from the sides sometimes something gets in the way of your shots.


What other pets would you like to get in Warframe?

Please, no. Don't turn this into 'Tenno's Little Pet Shop'.

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Omg Zanuka pet yes please! Have it in the ship!


Kind of a "hacked" zanuka to help tenno again or a zanuka that remembers his past as tenno and starts helping you


" dead tenno made into corpus machine serving tenno again"


We can humiliate Alad V even more and make him feel miserable!


I would love to see it sitting there at my kubrow station you can interact with him and he jumps around like he does in the battle with Alad V

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RB should still affect everything in the room. Of course not those in another room that's just weird. But, with the old range it had there should be a fall off depending on the range of enemies to excalibro on the duration of the stun. Not only do you get the previous short term no one is killing the cryopod from 100m away, but it responds to the "physics/spacemagic" DESteve in that all the stupid walls/floors/ceilings are overly shiny(must be the futuristic polish space janitors use) and light(because that is what it is) REFLECTS OF OF OBJECTS!!! The intensity of the light diminishes with range since the objects do not reflect the full intensity given that objects still absorb some of the light.


just copy and pate what i have already said.

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Sigils are excellent for gameplay and challenges, not sure about cosmetic side of things because tenno appearance gets more and more cluttered by cosmetics. Having a prime warframe which is already FILLED with detail wear armor, syandana, badges, skins and sigils will make it into a eye blinding disco show of ridiculously cluttered characters like it's usual in mmos with lots of cosmetics. (Tera)

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I would love a Dinosaur style pet and I think T-rex/raptor/Chocobo could fit in as different breeds/body types.


Lets call it a Tennosaurus for now.


Kubrow currently have size, build and fur patterns to set them apart.


Tennosaurs could have size, limb proportion and feather coverage as breeding aspects.


That way you could get a T-rex with long legs/short arms, head feathers only and large size; a Chocobo/Terror bird with very long legs/tiny arms, full feathers and medium size; and a Raptor with balanced limbs, partial feathers and small size.

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Dark sector needs its own tutorial, possibly one you walk through in order to understand its mechanics. Because so much changes in comparison to the base game these things need to be stressed. Also Dark Sector PvP needs a revamp or another iteration. Its just not good enough to tweak damage values anymore. There are systemic issues.




A lot of bosses suffer from the bullet sponge effect where your tactics and skill are not particularly tested. They also tend to not play with the environment. Grineer bosses are the worst of this. Corpus bosses fair better as they use wider range of tactics. Alad V and the Hyena pack show the most variation as far as I've seen. I hear good things about Lephantis though I have not fought him yet.




Sigils are... okay I guess. They are intended to be bragging rights for completing particularly challenging challenges but I would have to get my hands on them. I expected better. This is not really endgame. Its endgame material, just not the sort or thing that fits the name.




Going on what I have heard the weapon boasts little over the burstron. It has slightly tighter spread but thats it. Furthermore because of current weapon meta it remains a lacklustre choice as it does not have good crit or raw damage or elemental status. Making it not a proper choice. This is something that happens with a lot of weapons ever since damage 2. If they don't boost status or crit well they don't merit holding onto. Power creep strikes again. It remains "alright". Is what I've heard. I do like the idea of using weapons to form other weapons.




Current pet system needs improvements. Stasis time makes switching between living pets non-viable. Difficult to keep more than one. Its taxing to keep even one at times. Sentinels remain a much better choice as they have a wider breadth of abilities, utility and one type can scoop up items. Why cant a kubrow made for fetching like the sahasha fetch items?


This being said, big cats or recon falcons. Or robotic pets really.





Forgot to mention this much in the same way I have forgotten excalibur in my inventory. The changes coming leave me feeling apprehensive not just about Excalibur's future but for other frames that need tuning up.


The RB change does not fit anything in the game at all. No other ability has to deal with this, not world on fire, not rhino stomp, not saryn's miasma, not Nyx's skills, not oberon, not even Hydroid. The reason why people are upset about this deals with a core issue not just with excalibur but with all frame skills. "Utility trumps damage due to scaling" As hard as any skill can hit scaling absolutely removes the viability of damage based skills as the game goes on. Without percentage based damage dealt extra or without element procs, damage skills don't matter. With this in mind Excal's only ability that stays with you has and will be his radial blind. This will remain as long as the games scaling remains this way and it continues to affect frames that have pure damage skills as well.


Super jump change may add some utility but it feels like a clunky addition. Its just ash but only while airborne. Without changes to stealth and map design overall it just seems pointless.


His Radial Javelin skill changes are a mixed bag. On the one hand a stun for not killed enemies seems really good. On the other hand it seems kind of boring, other frames have abilities like this but better. Rhino stomp and Saryn comes to mind. On the third hand making it not affected by line of sight makes it more usabl- wait... Its a skill that allows a stun to all targets within the radius without line of sight. Why was radial blind, a skill that offered this same utility nerfed then? They now serve the same purpose but now one is gimped and the other is 100 energy to use?


Slash dash got no changes. This needs to change.

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I like the changes on Excal, but the community voiced most of the stuff that need to be adressed on Slash Dash, and the other powers.


Yet still what I feel is important also is stat-wise. If he is a melee frame (more or less, his name is Excalibur for gods sake), he needs better melee stats. That includes a buff to stamina, a little buff to armor also, and maybe a tiny speed buff. He is as fast as a rhino for gods sake, and that frame can put on a helmet and become a Loki...

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