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October 10Th: Community Hot Topics!


October 10th Community Hot Topics  

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I want to highlight the topics that interest me the most.

Excal Changes:

I understand we have little information yet, but given the tendency to make things final I am concerned. There are several threads out there suggesting good changes to his abilities, and many of them are hardly complex, the current proposed changes just feel like they were slapped on so people would shut up about Excal (no offense) and they don't really bring anything useful to the table (Super Jump's change is akward and the power still feels way too situational, Javelin changes are nice but still needs much more and there is zero mention of Slash Dash which needs a buff badly).


The ideas proposed almost make is sound like you're treating it as a joke, and if it is I swear I'll kill you for teasing us Drew :P.

For the love of Lotus a Zanuka pet yes! I don't know how long I've been wanting one (and unfortunately getting talked down by closed minded people who failed to see the thousand suggested alternatives to Alad's methods). There would have to be some balance but I feel like there could just be so much potential about having a pet Zanuka(-like proxy). Please guys do not tease us here, do take this into consideration please.

Edit: Minor typos.

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I checked other on the favorite boss category, fully aware that only positive remarks are read/considered and that blind/ignorant fan boys will just express negativity towards me. Also I'm not going to read this thread at all, only posting here because the check box had a note that said to leave details below and I'll be damned if I am going to lie to a check box on a survey.



Please hire someone who can code some AI!


All the bosses I've fought in this casino game/farming simulator/shiny Skinner box were nothing more than bullet sponges with periods invulnerability. This is poor, poor game/boss design. I realize that the enemies have little to no AI, and that saddens me, but I understand that improving them would hurt your profits and also understand you are in this for the quick cash and don't expect players to stick around for more that a hundred hours or so. This saddens me, as this is IP had so much potential.





Also please replace Steve and Scott with Glen, as he is the only one on the staff that actually plays/can play/understands the game (read: is not a S#&$ter). Geoff seems like a good guy and doesn't look like he hates his job either, I like him as well.

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In regards to tutorials, out of the three people I know who have tried warframe without another player explaining things to them, they have been confused about the crafting system, even with the tutorial, they don't understand that you can buy blueprints from the market for weapons, and the other didn't move off earth for the first month.


One of them thought you had to pay real money to get any weapons in the game instead of there being crafting option.


I don't have any suggestion here, I just wanted to share some experiences from people you wouldn't have heard from otherwise




Tenno Raptor sounds amazing if done right, some variance in the pet system would really bring it to life, and got two of my friends into the game after seeing kubrows

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Lets go over the list of things voted...


1. I would like tutorials on ALL mission types. Void, alerts, etc. Especially Excavation. I see far too many players struggle with this mission type. Obviously there is no tutorial for this, or if there is one that I don't know of its not good enough.


2. Lephantis is still awesome. Need more complex bosses like this, and big ones at that.


3. As for Pets... I want a Snake! Not like Orochimaru Manda the giant purple snake, but like one big enough to wrap around grineer, or venom bites on enemies, and could even do a powerful sneak attack on enemies it slithers up behind. Possibly helpful for sneaking as it slithers along the floor, and possibly has some kind of sticky body allowing it to slither up walls, an onto other platforms, or doing a venom strike through mid air to land on platforms across a gap. Just an all around epic sneaking pet. Could even throw in the ability for its scales to blend in with the environment allowing it to turn invisible.

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Y'all realize that by voting for a pet Zanuka you're voting to tear apart your teammates and build a robot out of their "parts"...right?

Don't care, RoboDogTennoThing must be mine! To the Solar Rails! We must collect tributes!


Thank you for your continued interest in the Pet Zanuka Project. A staff member will assist you shortly.

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Regarding the pet suggestions:

Kubrow-kitty = Yay, cats are great.

Sand Skate = I would really want one, but I can see how impractical they would be in places without sand :(

Gentle Moa = OMG YES!

Zanuka = ...ehhh, I feel it would be just cruel having a pet that's a Frankenstein of dead Tenno body parts. I say pass.

Chocoboat = LOL

Tennosaurus Rex = Impossible to implement in small areas but it's a nice joke.

Orokin Whale and Raptor = 


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Players seem concerned over Excalibur because while he is getting buffed, it isn't in the way some players want him buffed.


1) There was no mention of Slash Dash changes at all.

Recommendation: buff Slash Dash. An ideal suggestion I've seen is to make it work with the melee combo multiplier.


2) Players still want Super Jump to launch them further upwards. The invisibility addition is nice but I can see this going badly in gameplay when players bump their heads against ceiling repeatedly just to cloak themselves. It would be used less for jumping and more for cloaking.

Recommendation: Increase the jump height. It would be proper for the ability's function.


3) For the most part, the announced Radial Javelin changes are nice, but some players wanted to preserve the unique mechanics of the original. For example, keep the limited amount of Javelins and keep them released from Excalibur's position, but make them larger, able to ragdoll and drag targets upon hit every time, and allow them some innate punchthrough with the environment.

Recommendation: None. [DE]'s rework is fine. This alternative can be considered if they choose.


4) Radial Blind Changes are acceptable enough. Many players are worried about more additions of line-of-sight mechanisms in other abilities. Some players still don't think the buffs within the Excalibur changes are enough to outweigh this nerf.

Recommendation: Read the above recommendations and decide a course of action to make these changes or not.

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Alad V, Hyena Pack, Phorid, and Jackal

Basically any boss that doesn't involve 2 hours of invincibility frames waiting for a weakspot the size of a potato to open up and then close after taking 5% health damage. Lephantis is somewhat OK because there's a bunch of weak spots that sorta cycles between, thus we get to constantly damage something. Jackal's good because at least in its older version, you can damage all areas with reduced efficiency (no obnoxious and unrealistic 0 damage everywhere) and can pop a cap in its legs to render him fully vulnerable.


Look at Ruk and Hek; seriously? Fully invincible (not even a 90% damage reduction) in all parts except a weak spot that opens up every 5 minutes that opens up for a few seconds and closes after taking a bit of damage. When we asked for difficulty, we didn't say "force us to spend 20 minutes in a game of click the weak spot"


Excalibur changes

I know I'm never supposed to complain about things that haven't been released yet, but Super Jump? Really?

Don't get me wrong, the stun's nice but from the enemy's point of view, Excalibur would just disappear and reappear in another place. Is he supposed to be a stealth ninja frame? I thought he's the warrior melee frame.


Why not damage reduction while in mid-air from Super Jump to simulate being harder to hit; better yet, add the evasion bonus from Eclipse. Why not add a slam attack damage boost like people asked. Why not a built in Heavy Impact like people also asked.



I know you'll just skip reading this, but at least I can vent



Oh yes: Where the hell is the Slash Dash buff?

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Tutorials - the Derelict vaults could really use a good tutorial. New players are (understandably) completely confused about the process and it takes a lot of explaining to get them up to speed.

Excalibur - my concern about the Radial Blind changes is that its effects might feel inconsistent and unpredictable. If enemies are firing on me seconds after casting because they were behind a bit of cover or a nearby wall, then the skill becomes a waste of time and energy. If I cast it near a door, will the enemies in the next room be affected? If it does stay consistent with its effects, then what are the changes for?

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On Bosses: I want a Kela rework really bad, let's just get that out of the way.


What I really want in a boss fight is some Shadow of the Colossus: fighting some giant Orokin mech or something by climbing up around it. Nonetheless, variety in bosses is always good, since spamming Boltor Prime won't work: Make every boss have a certain tack to it, a strategy what will work most of the time but not always for max repeatability.


Pets: Raptor/dinopet? Yes.

I do want more alien wildlife - whole freaking biomes worth of wild enemies. Maybe some sort of jelly floater Sentinel?


But the most "ninja" thing would most obviously be some kind of hunting bird - ZeroJackDaw has a whole thread on this. If we could get falcons or condors or whatever? Cool. If we could have cosmetic falconry hoods and claws? Take my money, people.


Oh! Keith Thompson, the freelance artist who I believed designed Volt for you? Get him back on the team. He is a genius. He did art for this YA series called Leviathan, which was an alternate WW1 where the Axis used mech and the Allies used synthetic lifeforms - even the Russians had a two-headed eagle similar to the Hapsburg crest. Just - hire him again and again.


And you know, this Australian named Alex Ries does the most amazingly real aliens I've ever seen. If you want the Sentients to make an impact, commission him to do the design for them and watch the game site praise flow.

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Sigils are a joke.


Comunity asks almost every Devsteam: How about endgame?

DE: We got it guys. Endgame content is finally here. Cosmetics!


No realy. When I herd about this version of endgame content on Devsteam I had to double check a calendar to see if April is around.


And concerning pets: how about YOU MAKE SPECTRES NOT A SINGLE USE ITEM?

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