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October 10Th: Community Hot Topics!


October 10th Community Hot Topics  

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All i want to say is that Excalibur feels like some sort of knight, swordsman dude, and except for Radial Javelin, his current and upcoming abilities don't really feel knight-ish to me. Maybe it depends on how super jump could be used in tandem with diractional attacks, mid-air combat, that kind of stuff. Again, not really knight-ish, but at least it involves and complements melee gameplay.

I feel like that's what Excalibur lacks, a better coneccion with melee other than just the extra damage from Radial Blind.

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Things I have to say but I know people will flame and/or will be ignored. First off, the willingness to add more tutorials is smart. It will help explain to new players what they need to know, and that will keep them more involved with the game. Second, I voted for a few other bosses with more "unique" mechanics, but with Lephantis winning by such a huge margin, I have to amend my votes by saying that he is my favorite in the entire game. Sure Hek and Alad have some neat perspective, but Lephantis is just the best. It has two phases and while you can sadly power through them, the idea behind the fight mechanics is really good. I would love to see the Golem and MANY more bosses to come having phases like Lephantis, but make them in such a way that you can't just kill the boss in a matter of seconds. Third, Sigils. While the concept is cool since it will technically be introducing a faction that may be related to Proxy Wars, I think that they are hyped way more than they should be. While they are neat in the fact that we can truly customize where they go albeit the front and backs of our frames, I fear that they will be slowly implemented like the Kubow color packs, and that doesn't sit well with me at all. Fourth, Excalibur's changes look decent for now. I really would like Slash Dash to be looked at and maybe have melee weapons and the mods attached to them factor in to the damage output of the ability. Fifth, I am one of the few people that think the Tiberon is terrible. It looks fantastic visually but the stats on it are my real problem. First off you have to build it out of a current Latron AND a Forma. Afterwards you only get one polarity. On top of that it has basically no critical chance and essentially no status chance. Combining that with what you have to build it out of and you can see my big issue with this weapon. The weapon should have better stats than what you build it out of, period, and throwing a forma into the mix should make it even better. Now I am not saying this should be on the same tier as a prime weapon, but it does need to be better that the weapon you build it out of. Now I know some will say that it is now a burst rifle and that makes up for it's faults, but it doesn't. All I would like changed with the weapon is for it to have better crit and status chances so it could be a contender not only against the latron line, but with other burst weapons in the game as well. Lastly, the pets. I knew that one day the community would be asked on the idea of having a kubrow/cat hybrid, and this is simply $&*&*#(%&. Don't combine it with a currently existing animal in the game. If anything, make it it's own species. The only pet I voted for was Zanuka, because when proxy wars does come out, it would be a cool incentive to play for the Corpus. I also think it should be exclusive to people who fight for them, just as the Grineer and other factions should offer an exclusive pet. Otherwise all the other "pets" listed were just a horrible joke to please the people of this community that just want to see stupid lore-breaking things in the game. I know it isn't actually lore breaking with the fact that there isn't any real lore in the game, but having a T-rex is stupid, and frankly I feel all the other choices of this category are almost insulting. Do I have suggestions for other pets? No, I don't but that is because I am not going to sit here and create an idea that I know will be either ignored, or flamed by the rest of the community.


So that is a load off of my mind. I know everything I listed will be ignored or white knighted by someone, which is why I will not check back here. All I can hope for is that someone will read this and think about what my thoughts are, weather they agree or not, because after all it is just opinion. (But in all seriousness the Tiberon does need to be fixed)



Edit: While fixing some spelling spell check tried to tell me that Golem should be Google. Just thought I should share that.


I also forgot to mention that the invisibility on super jump is a dumb idea. We already have the ability twice in the game. We don't need it again.

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I was playing with a rank 0 newbie today (for the younger internet citizens among us, "newbie" means a person who is, literally, new to the game. It is not intended to be offensive) and they were asking some really basic questions like "How do you get primes?", "You need platinum to go to the void right?", and "What do I do with fusion cores?".  More than anything else, I think the game needs tutorials for two topics:


1.) Meta-tutorial on the vocabulary of Warframe. What is platinum, how does the game's economy work, and what things will I actually have to buy versus earn?  What is a prime? What is a mission key? What do I need to make myself look as amazing as other players? What kind of social features are there?  You don't need to go into super depth here, but you need to introduce players to the basic concepts of what things EXIST so they know what to ask about if they want more information.


2.) Modding and fusion 101.  Giving new players a set of "damaged" mods to get them started with the essentials was a nice start, but they still don't seem to really understand what they should do with this stuff.  Tutorial needs to walk them step by step, via on screen prompts, through basic tasks like equipping and ranking up mods.



I am not a boss battles kind of person in general.  To me, "boss battle" is the same as "we're going to change the rules of the game to make things artificially harder".  So: no comment.



If all they do is serve as a visual indicator of achievements with no actual stat improvements, then I don't think I'll spend much time stressing about them. The only way a purely cosmetic option would be interesting to me, personally, is if it actually signified something about what that player has decided to focus on long-term.  If there was a sigil for "Most-used weapon is a sword", that's a lot more interesting and worthy of notice than "Has killed a thousand enemies with a sword just like every other player".  In other words it has to be either a permanent choice (player has chosen option B in a quest instead of option A, permanently locking them out of option A), or it has be an ongoing investment.  Sigils that you collect and keep in a box and wear the one that best matches your dress? Pass.



Ambivalent. Of the changes I have read, none will come close to being as endgame viable as Blind was and Excalibur will remain a one trick pony. Remains to be seen how good a pony he will be with new LOS changes.




Good. Aesthetically pleasing. Its lack of crits and lack of status chance means that there is a very clearly defined performance ceiling on this weapon, but the outstanding damage and precision means that ceiling is quite high.  (3 forma on mine)



Other companions

A MOA, yes absolutely. Personally I also want to see some humanoid companions that aren't robots or trained animal slaves. I want companions that are awesome and smart and are on my team because they choose to be, not because they HAVE to be.

Rambled about this here.


(People voting for Zanuka, do you even realize that Zanuka is a patchwork monster made out of pieces of other Tenno?? o_O )

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Would love to see hyena models or zanuka as pets. Actually I feel this would better fit the atmosphere over the Kubrows. A mechanized companion other than the sentinels is much needed in this game. And just the thought of having my own custom zanuka (maybe made out of the helmets and metal of the corpus and moa's :P) reminds me of Blade Wolf from Metal Gear Rising Revengeance. I would simply love that! Please DE make this happen!

I also feel everything needs a small tutorial with a very simple interface or a quick step guide. This could really help many new players.

Not really on topic here, but I feel as if I should mention this. Maybe at somepoint melee could be a little more reworked to be fluent in combat. I won't explain it here since its not the place for it, but this is my $0.02

Anyway the zanuka concept (or hell even raptor) would be neat addition.

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What other parts of Warframe could use new tutorials? (can choose more than one)


Dojo, Darksectors & Alliances.


Who are your favorite bosses? (can pick more than one)  


 Vor (Void)

 Vay Hek

 Alad V

 Hyena Pack

 Sargas Ruk



Are you excited for Sigils? (check topic below for information on Sigils)




What is your initial reaction to the proposed Excalibur changes? NA

How would you rate the Tiberon, overall? NA


What other pets would you like to get in Warframe? (can choose more than one)


Cat... Orokitty 


Nimbat(Flying Cat)

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Changes the Excalibur?

Answer: It's good that changes are being made, I assume for the better, but I still find that 'superjump' is (with all due respect) a ridiculous ability.  Sure, it has it's uses, but I rarely need to use it.  I suggest getting rid of that ability completely and put something well worth the time, effort, and usage.


Other pets in warframe?

Answer: Huh?  *clears throat inconspicuously and looks the other way*

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For the love of the Lotus... PLEASE NO Zanuka pet... Completely goes AGAINST the lore of the game... It's a freaking amalgamation of DEAD TENNO for Lotus' sake... How would any true Tenno accept something like that?


at least make it something different, something that is lore-friendly and makes sense for a Tenno to have and consider a real companion...

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For the love of the Lotus... PLEASE NO Zanuka pet... Completely goes AGAINST the lore of the game... It's a freaking amalgamation of DEAD TENNO for Lotus' sake... How would any true Tenno accept something like that?


at least make it something different, something that is lore-friendly and makes sense for a Tenno to have and consider a real companion...


Simple, reason it like the Dreadnoughts from Warhammer.


Boom, instantly badass.

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I'd lile the sigils to be hard as balls to get. Sigils should be challenging to all players and reward only the bests. The more you work to get them, the cooler they will be to the players. I want the sigils to be a sign of craftyness, skills and patience. I have an exemple of a challenge. Your warframe may not be in contact with walls or floors for a whole minute. it's not a test of strengh and the player must think hard about the anwser. Th easiest one would be riding the jackal (TOTALLY COUNTS) the second one would be using nova's teleport straight up. The hardest one would be using valkyr rip line and having the energy bar to do it.

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DE, please.


Excalibur is basically the mascot of this game.


When I first started playing this game, I picked him (which I regretted) because his powers sounded cool. And while, yes, they were cool visually the moment I got Rhino I had 0 reason to use Excal.


Rhino did everything Excal did but better.

He had a better charge.

He had a better AOE disable.

He had a way of buffing his team.

He had invincibility.



Originally I thought Rhino was perhaps designed to be a straight upgrade to Excalibur.

This is not, should not be the case.


Excals best ability is his Blind because it scales infinitely.

You are nerfing said ability.


His other unique ability is his Jump.

Nobody uses it much because Warframe is rarely a vertical game.

Plus the problem that it does nothing for Excal.

Being in midair doesnt prevent you from being shot.


SO your solution is to have excal turn invis when he does the jump.

But theres still another problem:


Why would one ever need to jump high straight up in Warframe?

So you've added a stun to it.

We don't know how wide the radius of the stun is, nor the damage if there is any, nor how long the stun lasts.


ALL of excaliburs powers need fixes.

For a Warframe based on blades, he doesnt use his melee weapon for any of his spells.

Why does Slash Dash only do 500 base damage? Why does it have such a low proc chance?

Why does radial javelin use the Skana? Nobody uses the Skana.

And assuming an Excal had a 6-forma'd Skana equipped, they'd still be doing the same damage as every other Excal.



It's silly!

His abilities are beautiful visually but the only useful one is Blind.

His other 3 abilities need complete Ash/Oberon/Valkyr tier retuning.


You guys managed to make Ash, Oberon, and Valkyr AMAZING when they used to be fairly mediocre.

Please make sure you work that same magic with Excalibur.


The most stylish frame, the mascot of the game, and leader of the tenno soldiers, REALLY deserves a proper buff.

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The proposed Excalibur nerf? I don't find any reason to use Excalibur afterwards. Rhino or Ash is much better!


More pets? No, thank you. I don't want to wait for several hours every time I switch the active pet! I prefer more sentinels instead.

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Orokin whale? Is this a joke?!

I want one in either case!


Space Whales are no joke. Ok, maybe a little joke. Or, maybe a big joke. 


I'd love to have a giant orokin mantis shrimp as my pet.  Would go well with my Trinity <3



Did you see Janice's concept art from Devstream 37?!



That's kind of screwed up to have a Zanuka as a pet.


Having a literall comglomeration of your dead friends as a pet.


But still, do want.

Think of it like recycling ;) 



I know you'll just skip reading this, but at least I can vent



I did not skip your post. Constructive venting is good!


Why was the Hunhows idea not a selection? It's already well though out and quite in depth. If anything I want one of those.

Oooo, my bad. The Hunhow is very cool. 


What other pets would you like to get in Warframe?


I've made a concept design of a Kubrow combined with a features of the infested.

I purpose it would be something created in the Bio lab in clan dojos.



Original thread here... https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/323752-infested-kubaro/

That's pretty awesome, and scary!

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Revamp all the kubrow features.


Everything kubrow is a play system miles away from all the game logic and way of work from the rest of the game.

It's like one is a wheel and the other is a nuclear missile.


I think the dev team got too much carried away with kubrows, and all aspects of this feature are messy, complex, time wasting, unworthy, and too distant from the consistency of all other warframe features.

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