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Support Never Open, Can't Get Refund



Warframe support is currently under Extreme load right now. Please be patient with us while we do our best to clear the backlog!


This is what I see literally every time I go to check. I've checked everyday for around a week when I first started, then I recently checked every once in a while. Every time, they are under extreme load.
I read that this is where I go to try and get a refund of platinum, and yet they are never open.
I accidentally bought the Dendra shoulder guard, using the only 50 platinum I had, and I haven't worn them anywhere outside of my ship. I do not like them, and I wished to get my platinum back for something else, but they are never open whenever I checked (though this weekend they happen to be having Canadian Thanksgiving, which is understandable).
I always go on within their hours (I checked the different time zones), an yet I still get the same message.
Could someone please help me with this? Am I doing something wrong?
Edit: I am still new to the website and community, so please excuse me acting stupid, if I am.
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Actually no, DE doesn't work on weekends

That also means that they're literally getting tons of support tickets around the world. But I recall that the ticket has to be within 24 hours of your purchase

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You can ALWAYS submit requests.




The message just means they only have people reading the submitted requests and working on them during those times.



He's right. That's just notification.


Just submit your ticket and all that's needed is to wait. They will reply in a few days.


Well, now I see that this whole time I've been blind. I've expected to be able to enter text where the "extreme load" text was.

Thank you for pointing it out.

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I agree that their support page could use a bit of an overhaul, though they're using outsourced software so it might not be an option.


You could open a thread in the right feedback/support section suggesting making that button and such more visible.

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