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Berserker Needs A Visual Effect


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Despite not being stated in the description (ground) finishers will also trigger the effect, which essentially allows you to use the mod on melee weapons that have awful critical hit chance. However, it requires you to "refresh" it with (ground) finishers when it runs out.


Taking this into consideration, I think we need a visual effect to appear as long as the mod is active - this would allow you to tell you when you have to refresh the effect.

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Maybe it could be a bit of a tunnel vision effect?

Not too harsh, but like a darkening of the corners of your screen. (No FOV change.)

You'd still be able to see through it just fine, and shouldn't bother those who would otherwise be annoyed by like.. a red screen or an effect placed onto your Warframe.

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Though its incredibly easy to trigger berserker even with 5% crit


And the more it triggers the easier it is to upkeep

very true, swirling tiger + dual kamas still = shredded enemies. Also I always tell people in game that they don't use berzerker on say 5% crut weapons this "one you get one crit the rest follow shortly."

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