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Looking To Do Some Trades.

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Just putting my whole list out here. Just want to look for trades

Here is what I have right now

1 Latron Prime blueprint
2 Laton Prime barrels
1 Laton Prime stock


1 Boltor Prime stock

1 Burston Prime receiver


1 Reaper Prime blueprint

3 Akbronco Prime blueprints
1 Bronco Prime blueprint

1 Bronco Prime receiver


1 Ankyros Prime blueprint


1 Boar Prime blueprint

3 Paris Prime lower limbs
1 Paris Prime string

1 Rhino Prime systems


1 Frost Prime helmet

1 Frost Prime chassis

1 Frost Prime systems


1 Loki Prime blueprint

1 Sicarus Prime Barrel

What I am looking for currently is.

1 Fang Prime Handle

1 Bo Prime handle


1 Lex Prime receiver

1 Lex Prime blueprint

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