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My Moa


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So today I was solo-ing Phorid, farming for Argon crystals.

I tried to amass my own little army of Corpus to fight Phorid with me, so I naturally had to kill every enemy, else the Corpus fight them and mostly end up dead.

One of my allies was this MOA, and he was the only one left standing by the time I reached him, and that guy, was more fun and satisfying than any Kubrow or Sentinel.

We blew threw half the map, killing stuff, and when we got separated by an upward wall run, he took a roundabout route I didn't even knew existed and found his way back to my side.

DE, if MOAs ever get implemented into this game as companions, my gratitude will be boundless.

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the legend never dies! imagine john prodman riding into battle on a this guy's mega moa

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