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Lobby Disconnections Most Annoying Bug


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I can deal with the hundreds of bugs in warframe but the one that will most likely make me stop playing this game 

is the constant disconnection from lobbys. 


It never used to happen and now it does it 90% of the time


it makes playing this game so much harder when you always fall out of lobbys and it happens to a lot of people cos they always have to ask for re invites


Once you get re-invited and go into the mission the connection is fine, no lag, nothing, its just getting into the mission thats hard.


Please fix this bug otherwise i cant see myself playing for much longer as its ********* annoying as hell.




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ive been having this problem aswell, and really wish there was a fix for it. i cant play void missions anymore simply because i get dropped in lobby, and often fail to reconect to the group. once in game im perfectly fine, but lobby i get dropped anywhere from 10 sec to a min.

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