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I am absolutely loving Warframe and cant say anything bad about it, I just keep learning new things everytime I play and especially when chatting with other players... I will put money into this game as soon as I can afford to. The depth is far greater than Destiny, for example, and to me doesnt feel tedious in working towards your goals as that game does and I have played Warframe probably 10 hours for every 1 hour I have played Destiny. Thanks for all the hard work devs (even though its clear you love your work) for a beautiful and technically very sound game and please keep it up for years to come!

A very happy Tenno,


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I agree with you bud, as of now destiny is catching dust on my table, the feeling of grinding towards something feels amazing, and obtaining that that item feels even better, as for money i have managed to obtain around 300 plat without spending a dime. the trade market in the game is amazing and so are the people playing it. you will find out that a free game where no money need to be put into it to have fun, youll never look at gaming the same again.

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