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An Idea.


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In WF we have many weapons and mods.

I was thinking about aura & stance mods and how they affect how you play, we have Aura for frames and stance for melee, but nothing for primairy or secondary for that matter, I got an Idea of putting mag-mods ( I am not good in names )

for these weapons, these mods would expand mod cap and give something to the weapon.

once I thought of :

( Please note that I don't say "THESE ARE THE STATS", these stats are just ones I thought of )

-Incendairy Ammo 

 +25% Fire DMG & +10% Status 

-Shock Ammo

 +25% schock DMG & 10% status

-Toxic Ammo

 +25% toxin DMG & 10% status

-Frozen Ammo

 +25% cold DMG & 10% status

-Heavy Ammo

 +25% DMG & 10% Crit DMG

-Precission rounds

 +25% Crit DMG & 15% Crit Chance


I Think this could be cool addition in future, would expand costumization.

Your opinions ?

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Interesting.  I assume these would work rather like stance mods for melee weapons?


To be frank, the elemental versions seem very derivative, verging on redundant.  We already have dual-stat mods for all of the basic elemental types, and all of them have better stats than those suggested.  The mods that increase physical and crit damage, however, show some promise.

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Adding more damage would not be a good idea at this point. If anything, they should have tradeoffs (more damage but lower firerate, more firerate but more spread, etc.). While they might make particular weapons "better" in certain circumstances, they could also throw off other weapons or just add a new layer of adjusting preferences.


Although I have no idea how exactly it would be implemented, I'd personally prefer if they altered how each weapon felt in actual combat.

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Would have to have something like this for all primaries, like an aura/stance slot, that would only effect the projectile(speed, width, puncture, maybe damage type, etc.), but not the stats of the weapon, or there would be no point in using a different weapon.


Anyway, most likely not going to happen and has been suggested before.


Edit: Makes more sense if OP is read.

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This is utter nonsense.Gunplay,or rather primary weapons,are op as is.Giving rifles something similar to stances-which were added with the intention to buff the somewhat underpowered melee weapons-would wreck the balance.That said, melee is still waaay inferior to gunplay.As of now,it's "high risk little/no reward",as guns can deal just as much/even more damage,from a safe distance.

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