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I wouldn't call myself an avid gamer. I am an Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering Student, and so I just don't have the time or the money. However, I've been around games for a long time and I know what I like, especially around Strategy and FPS games.


I've owned and played Warframe for about 4 months now. I really like the game as a whole, especially all the concepts that are new and largely matchless in the game market.


I'm not afraid to label myself a Halo Fanbase. Halo fans are cool, anyways, and the series is exceptional. Recently I purchased Dark Sector with a deep craving to learn more about the Warframe Universe and Warframe Lore. I bought Dark Sector last night, so I'm not very far into the story line, but I assume there are some continuities, such as Hayden Tenno being the first, well, Tenno and the Techocyte virus.


Maybe Dark Sector reveals more about the plot than I am expecting, but essentially where I'm going here is that the Warframe universe is severely lacking in back story and the lore is quite shallow. I LOVE the concepts of the game, and the whole idea for the universe is very unique and engaging, so you can see my frustration. I enjoy getting lost in the Halo universe, which, arguably, has the most rich, dynamic and well developed game universe in the history of video game (one of the reasons I love it).


In Warframe we get patches of information here and there, references to the "Old War" and the history of the Tenno, only really blips of a big picture. This is a cruel engagement of my unfulfilled curiosity!


As with any complaint, I believe in offering my opinion to develop a potential solution, otherwise my complaint is worthless.


There are only 3 official missions as of Update 14 - The Mad Cephalon, correct? Lets add more: my main suggestion being a mission unlocked after completing the test for Mastery Level 7 and moving on from the Initiate/Novice series of mastery ranks. The Lotus would notify you that you have become skilled enough for a special mission she had been saving, and that is to locate the ancient "Chronicles", or a history of the Tenno that has been locked one each planet in a secret vault with a special guardian holding the key. Each "chronicle" would reveal more back story into the founding of the Tenno, the spread of the Tenno order, the fall of humanity and a glimpse into the rise and disappearance of the Orokin, ending with a chronicle (on Pluto, perhaps?) on why all the Tenno went to sleep.


I know this might very well be a huge suggestion to implement, and I have only provided my opinions. As such, I don't necessarily expect something like this to happen (though I'd be very happy to find out it's in the making).


What are you opinions/suggestions? Or am I just bringing up an old thread?


As usual, thank you all for your time and for the opinions you post.


-Archangel and his new pet Kubrow, Genesis

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The backstory will be revealed in time. You can snoop around for some hints otherwise hidden from plain view if you're that ravenous.


In-game story will only continue to develop, also over time. I know it can get tedious to wait, but for all it's worth, U15 is upon us. With it, I'm sure the archwing missions will reveal some things about our past, and our present.

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This isn't a bad idea. I like the concept of it all, makes progression throughout the map feel more wanted and needed. Instead of just blasting through planets for a boss, we could find parts that make a key to open a map where the chronicle is located. It would give us another reason to go through the star map and enjoy it!

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Just gonna leave this here. https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/317555-polemosomology-the-study-of-warframe/


It's my lore megathread. There's a lot of lore, but it's "hidden", sometimes written in the Tenno language and such.

I read through your summaries. Very cool. Of course, the connections are pretty obvious, especially when you play through Dark Sector (I finished beating it today). "Lulz" with Hayden Tenno's "Excalibur" armor... Anyways, the lore is pretty cool, and I have done some exploring on the Wiki and such as well to try and get more information. Unfortunately, it seems like Digital Extremes has a tendency to create patchy and underdeveloped (or perhaps very well hidden) story lines in their games. Hah! Dark Sector definitely was a cool game, but it left me unsatisfied about as much as or more than Warframe is right now.

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