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Wts Various Prime Parts And Rare Mods.

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The list of prime parts are as follows:

Akbronco Prime BP x3

Akbronco Prime link x1

Ankyros Prime BP x1  Sold

Ankyros Prime Gauntlet x1  Sold

Boar Prime Reciever x8

Boltor Prime Reciever x1

Bronco Prime Barrel x1

Bronco Prime BP x1

Burston Prime Stock x1

Ember Prime Chassis x1

Ember Prime BP x1

Ember Prime Helmet x2

Fang Prime Blade x2

Fang Prime Handle x1

Frost Prime BP x2

Frost Prime Chassis x2

Hikou Prme Stars x1

Latron Prime Barrel x3

Latron Prime BP x1

Latron Prime Receiver x2

Lex Prime Reciever x2

Loki Prime BP x1

Mag Prime Chassis x2

Mag Prime Helmet x1

Paris Prime BP x1

Paris Prime Grip x4

Paris Prime Lower Limb x2

Reaper Handle x1

Reaper Prime BP x1

Rhino Prime Systems x1


As for the Rare mods, I don't feel like listing them.


I also have a Black Stripe Sasha Kubrow Imprint with a X-Shape face, so that's a thing to be offered on as well.  If you have any questions, send me a message on the forums.  I will be off Warframe for a few minutes, but will be back on afterwards, so you can also PM me once I get back on.

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