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I've been thinking about an original new mission type and i think I've come up with at least a couple. We've all heard the Lotus say Reinforcements are inbound or have arrived at extraction. Or that they will take over. What if We were the Reinforcments. to what ever mission types that might require it.



Or how about instead of Defending a Cryopod We actually had to recover one and deliver it, some where. Or if thats how we got our frames and that would cut down on haveing to farm for Frame parts as you would recover the whole frame in the pod. But you would still have to farm for that materials to build the frames. Not for regular frames but I see this working for Prime frames as you would have to do different tower Defenses . and Mobile Defenses to get X frame. . Like helios can now detect what scans you have taken. Ordis can determin which Prime frames you still needed and you could randomly collect the intire frame but you would still have to build it as you do now, with the same restrictions to time and mats.

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