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Unreal Tournament Style Missions


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Hi ,

I used to play a hell of a lot of Unreal tournament 2003 and 2004 mainly because i loved the mission structure in an otherwise PvP shooter. The main reason why i loved those missions was that you had a singular goal , to steal 2 warheads out of a moving vehicle , yet to complete it you had to get things ready a la ocean's 11.


Quick summary of the mission : you start on your transport , you move to the front of it then activate a bridge.

Only 1 person can stand in the area for the bridge to swing around to the right point.

Cross the bridge to the next transport which is a repair vehicle. You blow open a door to get inside then you find the controls to open up the side hatches of the vehicle. You get outside it to a catwalk where you have 2 options either catch a ride on a moving car/jeep thing to the missile transports side door or you jump across to the roof of it.


Once on the missile transport you make your way inside the cargo bay and open up the side doors both letting the people who rode on the car/jeep a way inside and having a way to take the warheads out.


you complete the mission by moving the missiles through the doors onto your own transport and ride away in a cut scene. 




I believe this game may benefit greatly from a PvE or a PvP mode using this mission structure.

Its fun , simple to grasp , hard to master mission type where cooperation is key since you need to defend the person that completes the tasks. If for nothing else than having a fun mode to play.


Maybe even make a mission based on that idea.

Survival style mission where you get attacked by an endless horde of scaling enemies while trying to complete a series of tasks to say grab a pod and get out safe.

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Something similar with an "endless" mode on a train heist has been suggested, with each cargo consisting of something interesting that either makes you want to stay there (but you can't) or makes you want to leave (but you can't).


PS. Unreal Tournament, best game ever.

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