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Some Arcanics Helm ! (Negociations Are Open)

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Hello every body !

I have some arcanic helm (that give some statistics) i don't use so i want to sell it=) 

Here are the followed helm and the fixed  prices


-rhino: thrak (85) - vanguard (140 pl) SOLD

-ashe: locust (37 pl) SOLD

-nyx: menticide (74pl)

-excalibur: avalon (59pl)

-frost: aurora (63pl) 


I sell some rare core too (5 pl per unit) 


You can add me ingame for open negociations for the prices (my nickname is The_Spectrum but you already saw it from the author  of this post :D) 

You can post here what you want and i would answer to start the trade =)


I only accept platium but we can negociate !


Have fun and luck for farming^^

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