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My Thoughts On Warframe


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The following is all based on my opinion and taste.
This thread is about: What i think of some features, inspiring for new ones and what improvements i'd like to see. (if any possible of course)
I will keep all my thoughts on this one thread and update as changes are done, bugs or mistakes found and new featureas are added and / or changed.
1. The color prices are not consistent (IMO).
- Paying a "special" color like Tenno color set 75 plat and classic color set 75 plat as well does not make any sense to me.
I end up playing games that have player based customization that makes something unique to me but the color prizes are too high for some colors. I already bought the colors but would not mind the prices being changed for future players. For instance: classic color palette 25 plat / saturated col.pal. 45 plat / Tenno col.pal. 75 or 100 plat etc... Just to give You an idea of what i mean. -
2. Idle animation problem.
- When idle animation starts to play, the character is not moving in the view direction. Its been many updates and hotfixes but still, nobody has noticed and still not adressed. -
3. Following melee command delay executing attack.
- I dont like that the game registeres the following melee input command while the first one is being executed. It kills the game flow making it unresponsive in tight situations. For instance: if tapping melee key two times before the melee attack/animation has finished, a second melee attack/animation will follow. -
4. Death Mark indicator in UI. (!!Well, the marks indicators are there but for some reason, i cant see other peoples marks other than stalkers. Also, i was hoping to see the marks in the squad UI and not have to click on everyones profile to check that.!!)
- The lack of Death Mark indicators in UI is really a lacking feature. Simple color dots for minimal UI usage is a perfect indicator for marks (IMO). For instance: Red - Stalker | Green - G3 | Blue - Zanuka Hunter.

I cant seem to upload any pictures here or cant find it so im posting a link off-site "deviantART" for now. -
5. Lack of Parkour Map Designs.
- Its sad to see when there are gameplay mechanics in a game that are not being fully utilized. What i mean is that the parkour system is mainly being used as obstacle bypass, not personal prefrence. Map does not have Free Flow Parkour design incorporated. (Will expand this as i get some more ideas and feedback) -
6. Stealth System.
- I am a big fan of having multiple options on how to approach a situation. Though, the Stealth mechanics are very basic in form. But it still can be utilized much more, which at this time, they are not much used at all. (Will expand this as i get some more ideas and feedback) -
7. Teammates Kubrow down.
- I find it very hard to notice where the teammates kubrow has fallen and the indicator disappears when looking at kubrows location. Problem is that kubrows mostly fall in the heat of battle and You cant really notice where it is. By the time You notice where it is and get to it, in many cases, it dies. I have failed many times to save teammates kubrows and it is very annoying. I'd suggest to leave the indicator shown regardless if player is facing the kubrow or not. Easy fix IMO and very helpfull. -
8. Vault over obstacles.
- I ended up disabling Vault Over Obstacle feature due to it messing up my normal jumps or roll jump. My solution to it would be key dependent. Tapping will make Your character jump normally over an obstacle while holding jump button would do a vault over. I really hope to see this changed. -
9. Specters health bar on HUD (brought to my attention by H.Katsura_999 (thnx!))
- Didnt use Specters yet. But a fellow WF-mate commented about it. I could agree if i didnt see kubrows health bar,would be very difficult to keep it alive. Same rule should apply to Specters as well. -
10. Squad players energy bar on HUD.
- It is a team-play game so i keep my eye on my teams health and shields. If i notice their health going too low i activate team health restore. Id like to be able to help out with the energy as well. Waiting for a team member to call for support could already be too late at times. -
11. Empty clip reload delay.
- Cant help but notice the delay between empty clip reload delay. I understand that mechanic in a pure PVP game where skill plays a big role against real life players. And i like and approve that mechanic. But this is not a PVP game and we are playing against AI bots that are stronger or getting stronger the more You advance in some missions, better aiming and bigger in numbers. So that mechanic is not skill involved as much as it is an annoyance. -
12. Life support Role in Survival missions.
- I am interested in the role of life support. By my logic (or why i would put such a mechanic in place is), LS (life support) should be there as a messure so that players dont camp (avoid battle and cheat their way to longer time counts in missions). But as it stand right now, its a artificially hard inducing mechanic denying lower skill/gear players to play and sometimes even enjoy a survival mission that doesnt end in catastorphy within 40 minutes, and gives some new players or low gear players chance to advance a little easier without the struggle. The difficulity increase should come from AI bots alone. Just a thought. -
13. Penta shot grenade traveling angle (problem/bug?).
- I noticed that shooting a grenade with Penta is not traveling at the crosshairs angle but player characters angle. Im not sure if its a mistake or a feature. Just pointing it out. -
14. Kubrow leaving stasis and doing stuff. (immersion)
- Wish my Kubrows could leave the stasis and do stuff around the ship. Giving them more character and making them more life like. Like, now and then, he could put in front of me a dead rat like creature that he cought. Or he could pee on the foundry and make it spark. Or sometimes just be loud, standing with its front paws on the windshield and braking on the planet and stars. -
15. Sentinel Station.
- Why dont sentinels have their own station or something of that design? Like the kubrows having a stasis pod. They should have foundry looking station or something like that. -
16. Headtrack in missions. (As of the recent updates, Headtrack is now Enabled in all missions)
- Im wondering why the headtrack feature is only enabled in the players ship and not all the time? It really gives to the immersion and feel of Your characters control.

New note!. The characters head tracking the players view angle at a to small of angle range. How do i explain this. Ingame Character should follow the camera and remain at a fixed one side position (for instance, right) for at least 140 degrees view around character. 0 being the front of character and 180 being the back. So, if i was to look at a 170 degree angle, the characters head would turn front or stay on the side till its beyond the 180 mark, than move head to the other absolute direction. (to help You out, check some Metal Gear Solid 4 Online multiplayer and see how the headtrack behaves in conjunction with players view angle) -
17. Same faction Sigil not able to equip on front and back.
- I dont know if its a mistake or a deliberate decision to make it that way but it does not make sense why you cant
have two same sigils of same faction on your character. IMO -
18. Ogris fire command functions.
- If you noticed, aborting a fire charge takes a delay for the key to respond to it again. Also, charging and firing a charge and wanting to charge again fast enough also makes they input at a delay and you heave to release and press the fire button again. Small thing but very annoying. I like fluid gameplay mechanics, thats all. -
19. Syndicate point reset. (I know its a new feature and has to have bugs but some things are logical by itself and are function decision that dont make sense or imply something like grinding stuff or limits.)
- Why are our points being reset when we take next rank? My only thought on it is that they want to force people to choose one syndicate over others just because it would take so much points to rank to last title. It is being forced upon players. Most of all because some players like different combination of factions having access to and the point system will make many players sacrifice trying different syndicates. Even that is not a problem but the Point Reset is an issue most because the negative points are not capped. Another problem is that You get points until your current titles max points. What happenes is that You loose a lot of points that dont carry on to the next title. For instance: You have 4900 points and your required point to rank towards next title is 5000. You play a mission and earn 1000 points. You loose 900 points because they dont carry on to the next tittle. Do fix that please. -
20. Jump and other parkour mechanics.
- The jump and other parkour are not responsive at all. I find myself pressing Jump Key a few times to execute the command.
Also, the wall walks are very unresponsive and take to long to execute giving the player false sense that the wall walk failed, while executing at a delayed action. For instance: I walk to a wall and want to do a wall walk, it doesnt start for a second or two, telling me that it doesnt work, while in the mean time i release the key and want to try again, it executes and makes the back roll.

New note: its now totally obsolete thanx to directional melee (which i like a lot). Now DE needs to find the golden middle to make parkour and directional melee work togheter. -
21. Squad player Aura information missing now. (Looks like it was a bug and its fixed)
- Auras are removed from the drop down equipment list, while they are a important part of a gear setup? They are as important as the guns itself. Just wondering about that, who and what made such a decision based on what? Because reasons? Or because it was easier to remove it than to fix its name showing in players language? -
22. Squad UI drop down information Refresh problems.
- The UI doesnt refresh the information. So far someone had to notice it by now. Why is it still a problem? -
23. Radial Blind. (I know, here it comes. Im crying as well.)
- I am just curious as to why it was suggested that Excaliburs Radial Blind ability has or needs to work and mimic a flash bang?
Simple theory could be that there are abilities that are like electromagnetic in nature that only target eye receptors (or something like that) which could travel though walls.
Makes more sense having such technology in a si-fi tech game than a frame making a sword flash thus mimicing a flash bang, blinding the enemy. Do give it a thought. -
24. Opticor and Ogris cancel charge issue.
- By now everyone noticed the opticors fire mechanic. Many users have mixed oppinions on the firing/shooting mechanic.
While i do like DE giving some different mechanics to weapons, the only thing i have an issue with is the fact that i can cancle the charge when my magazine is full but if i cancel the shot with a non-full magazine, it will start to reload the weapon instead of just canceling the charge. I really hope they are gonna look into that. And Ogris has the same issue. -
25. Last Man Standing Mode.
- Id like to see some new modes that dont depend on too many mechanics like life support or defending something etc.
Something like hordes and hordes of enemies with slight difficult increase until only one player remains. Available for Ground and Archwing missions. -
26. Kubrows in stasis pods preview button.
- I would much appreciate a preview button for kubrows put in stasis rather than unfreeze each kubrow to check for the wanted one. Honestly, some things should be there by default without anyone needing to tell about it. Good god DE. -
27. When naming a kubrow, it should tell its race as well.
- Im the kind of guy who is really picky about everything (who would have thought that). That includes names, even for kubrows. And many times, the kubrows name depends on its race as well as its gender. I mean, DE.... seriously... WAKE UP! -
28. Damage Types
- To keep this one short. Since DE took the time to add such mechanic, i think is about time to actually make them count, work and to differenciate them. (Creeda pointed out one of the problems very nicely with this mechanic) -
29. Weapon balance
- I noticed so many weapons in the game that seem that their only purpose is there for adding experience to the mastery rank.
For instance, Sheev melee weapon. Its very underpowered and basically, any other melee weapon would be better off.
My point of view: either put them in game and make them useful or.... dont put it in game at all. I just pointed out one, to keep it short. Theres a lot of such weapons and players know them, and sadly enough, DE knows them as well and yet... nothing changes. What im trying to say, give players at least some chance to choose a weapon by design and mechanic than pure stat based. I know, theres always gonna be stronger weapons and its should be like that, especially prime weapons, but really....
some weapons are just... You all know. -
30. Dispel ability command.
- Let me tell U an instance and application for it so U get the idea.
I play loki and activate invisibility/cloack. I eliminate the enemy but my invisibility time is at an end. I move to corner and wait for the rest of the time to expire to cast again. What i would do (if i was a programmer at DE or had any influence for its design): go to cover, hold the invisibility button for 1+ seconds and it would get dispelled and tap the button again to imidietly cast again. Not annoyed and no time spend. Or dispel rhinos 10% Iron Skin to cast again, if a good opportunity arises, rather than to wait for it to get shot down completely and take some damage. Why tab and hold functionality and not just press to cast press to dispel? So you have less of a chance to make a mistake. You could press the button twice by mistake and cast and dispel, Needing to cast again, loosing energy. Less conflicting. -
31. 5th button for dispel all abilities from other players.
- Im not aware that the number 5 is being used on the keyboard and could be made available to dispel abilities casted by other players. For instance, Limbos banish ability. -
32. Sentinel and Kubrow Passive Aggressive Commands.
- I would like to have more control over the companions actions. Being able to make Sentinels ignore enemies, be passive and attack if attacked and aggressive, attacking on sight. Also, kubrows are war dogs and every war dog i guess is trained to follow commands/orders. Id like to have the same ignore/passive/aggressive command and the command follow or stay. -
33. Waypoint idea
- As far as i noticed, the waypoints are timed. I dont see any purpouse in that. Also, i think it would be much easier,better and efficient to tap for placement and hold to remove rather than be timed.
Heres the situation:
Tower 2 Mobile Defense. Im doing mission objective, defending the consoles. My team members search for hidden rooms and other loot. They waypoint places and loot of interest for me to later grab.
They carry on to extraction while i go to waypoints to grab the loot. The waypoints disappear and i wont ask my team to go back and show me the locations again, so i go to extraction wondering what a game designers needed knowledge/expertise is to make games and why/how they get employed. Also, how can it be easier to aim at the exact place the waypoint was placed to remove it or place infront of you and activate again to remove, than to hold a button to get removed? Many games have that figured out a long time ago, why is this game struggling with such things at this day and age is a mistery to me. -


34. Item recovery and similar things.

- I heard of Founders selling their Excalibur Prime for really no good reason except a warframe slot. (Happens, be respectful for being human and making mistakes)

Now, being they are founders, why is excalibur prime even in the inventory and same exclusive items? If i was DE, i would not even put it in inventory in the first place. Its a item exclusive for founders and should be separated from the normal content.


While Event items being sold, why dont the players that finish a event for a weapon get the ability to purchase the weapons blueprint from the market?
Here what i would do. You finish an event and get a Special Weapon that comes with a Catalyst and Weapon Slot.

Now, if you by any chance need that slot instead of it, you can sell it. Since you had the item, i would add a Event blueprints in Market for them to repurchase the weapon in form of a blueprint. All part of a punishment kind of way for selling the weapon. I think it would be punishment enough to rebuy a blueprint for a higher that usual ammount of credits that other items, rare resources and the need to purchase a catalyst for it again to get it back the way it was.

Or make it:

Buy weapon blueprint for 200,000 credits.

Resources needed to build:

Orokin Catalyst, Forma, Orokin Cell and original weapon if that weapon has a original model before it so you get a weapon with a catalyst installed by default.

Or, DE can choose by a non installed catalyst weapon.

Argon crystal, Forma, Orokin Cell and original weapon if that weapon has a original model before it so you get a weapon with a catalyst not installed by default.

(The resources are not meant to be both for you to choose, DE will choose if either of the way should be built.Of course, DE can put both options but thats not mine decition to make. I would be happy with any of the above.) -

Skip this because its boring and complicated and based on my pure opinion.

WTF is this?! and by what LOGIC?! - section etc....

"Critical" Chance and Damage and why is it in a shooter game?
I dont know if any one give it a thought, but can anyone tell me why critical chance and damge even exists
and what its true porpuose is?
In point and click (P&C) games, there was a lack of a very important mechanic with ranged units (essentially people that have guns).
Aiming. Yes, aiming. Well, its a point and click based game and essentially the AI does the combat for You. So how
do we emulate aiming mechanic? Well, we cant. And critical chance was born. :P Still dont get it?
We cant make units have a static damage output. Its not natural. Why, because, players miss so AI should as well.
What critical chance really is trying to do is emulate a players aim. A player in a normal shooter game has to aim manually.
Meaning, the player can hit a vital part of an enemy or miss it as well. Lets say, You shoot an enemy to the head. That would be considered a critical hit inflicting high ammounts of damage. Also, player can miss and shoot an enemies leg, inflicting minor damage. This had to be somehow transfered to point and click games that lack the aiming aspect. So critical chance gives more dynamic means of a chance to hit an enemies vital part of body. And heres the problem. Warframe is a shooter. The critical chance is to player to deal with, and not the famous (or infamous for that matter) RNG. Random number god for the uninformed.
When i shoot an enemy in the partially same spot to the head, i should deal somewhat similar damage. What critical chance does is just randomlly apply even more ammounts of damage and sometimes, not that much. Basiclly, You can aim or You can spamm, but Your at the mercy of a randomness algorithm.

Bring me to the next part. Damage types. Slash, Impact and Puncture
A very genious way of adding more dynamics to inflicting and inflicted damage. And then, they s*rew up.
Damage type to ranged weapons is determend by bullet type. An average,logical bullet type is based on weapons purpouse.
A long range weapons is a sniper. A long range weapons purpouse and only way of function is to take down an enemy with basiclly one bullet or with as less bullets as possible on a long range. Due to many factors (go google it). Now, most average bullet type to a sniper rifle is considered a punch through or piercing bullet. It has to bypass obstacles like body armor due to long range velocity falloff etc. (not counting special porpuose sniper rounds (also, not counting huntig rifles and other weapons and round given to civil people (this game is army based so weapons are by basic logic, military grade))). So someone explain to me, how are for instance: Vectis and Vulkar (Sniper rifles) Impact base weaopns?

Next to the melee damage types.
A melees type damage can by most part be only determend by its design.
So, things can get complicated like with the "atterax" melee weapon.
It is mostly "slash" damage and other type damage is almost none. Let me explain. It is a whip that has rotating blades on it.
My logic says if it can work and be applied to real world enviroment: if the blades can spin, it can "puncture" stuff. If its a whip, its being slamed on a person giving "impact" damage as well. If its blades in general on that thing, its surelly gonna inflict "Slash" damage. Yet, theres only "slash" damage.

Than again, we have something like "Fragor" hammer based melee weapon. It has enough ammounts of other type damage to be considered as WTF? Its a absolute dull piece of equipment :P , and dull things dont do well in slash or puncture.
On the other hand, You can get a brokk skin for it changing its look. With a semi-dull heavy object getting spikes, we get a different story. But sadly, damage types values dont change when equiped. Im guessing that such a big adn heavy weapon would have a lot ammount of puncture damage considered, it has big a*s spikes on it.

And than we have "opticor". Just pointing out some weapon variances and the way the work. :)
Opticor is a laser based weapon. Basic idea is that its a focus of light reaching extreme temperatures in form of a projectile stream that could melt through things and act like a bullet. So i assume that the laser projectile is not velocity based and is heat based and which means i should not have any form of impact or slash damage. U need some ammount of velocity and ammount of mass to get impact, lasers dont have that tehcnicality on the other hand, its a hot focused light and heat does not generate slash. If anything, it should generate disintegration type of damage not yet available in this game. Yet, it does all of the types available in the game. Why? Beats me. Hm... DE should add "Disintegrate" damgae type perhaps?

Im a guy who looks at details and asks for its meaning, functionalty, aplications, logics and lots of other BS that i hate about my self. But some things are stronger than me. D*MN YOU BRAIN!
Big thnx to Creeda and his feedback and we like those ideas a lot. Keep em comin. ;)
The list is getting bigger-huge and enormous!
Hope You like some ideas, thoughts and stuff that i noticed being off.
Hope to see Your Feedbacks and please share this with others if you like some of the things here.
Its all about improving this game. (cuz i like it very much)
When i like something, my eye for detail get engaged and well, you see the result of that.
Because i want it to get even better.
Sorry for bad english. (said too many times before already)

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Stealth and parkour are getting overhauls soonish.


Deathmark indicator is coming soon 


The vault thing will be fixed in parkour 2.0.



Everything else i can agree with.


Great post sir, I can tell in the future you will have some bright ideas.

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I'm with the Kubrow and Specter downed indicator.


Have you ever tried searching for revivable pet corpses in a pile of dead bodies while bullets pass by? desperately looking as the time ticks away.


Especially specters, they are not cheap to make and I would love it very much if I can see their health bar on my HUD.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I agree with these ideas and i want add some more:

- before entering the main hall of the ship to play the mission or after getting locked down add parkour puzzles

- add tactics to AI and fix fire rates: since when snipers run and gun or some random mob just runs to a control panel that is behind u; fix snipers, bombards and napalms fire rate to actually match the weapon, they just spam those;

- radial blind how it affetcs enemies make no sense. Lets see the logic: what would u do if u got blind? take cover, move slowly, get away from gun fight. What enemies do: run, take cover, run to gun fight, throw random grenade and on interception missions even blinded they run to the panel to capture it :)

- add new survival mode where u fight for suplies to be able to "survive" longer, instead of defending extractor or fight for LS, i mean pure survival just you and those dead bots :P;

- increase squad numbers for archwing missions since its huge map (well space) and add way more enemies, like a true space war. Have more enemies and special units, add big support ships where to destroy them u need perform a quick sabotage with parkour puzzles etc. archwing rly needs more BOOM and enemies;

- about damage types impact, slash and puncture on weapons needs a new look at it because atm no one cares about those but how much total base damage a weapon has to be able to make elemental combos big. No one cares if a weapon has more slash damage damage fighting grineer or fighting corpus with more puncture. All that matters atm is combos. I would rly like DE to take a look at these damage types and make them worth also make those +% impact/punc mods come out of the junk, they already started with slash which makes me think they are actually aware of this matter.

- making abilities actually have utility late game and not just waste of energy (hopes on focus system)

- making new tilesets for each syndicate; have alerts against enemy syndicates; when slaying death squads award you with more reptutation (about the mods still farming them, cant give feedback)

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Doesn't a real bullet have impact puncture and slash all at the same time?

Well, its a little more complicated than that. I count slash damage specific to cutted wounds like from a knife or sharp object. We would need some kind of outer and inner bleeding types of status proc to assign it to bullets. While bullet can scratch You and create a knife like slash wound, it would need a lot of simulation that this game doesnt do.

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