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Foundry: Why Can't We Build 2 Of The Same Object At The Same Time?


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Ok: the foundry can build 1 extractor, pieces of warframes, weapons & nearly everything at the same time

yet it cannot build 2 formas or orokin reactors/catalysts or even 2 of the same pistol (for akweapons) at the same time...


I figure maybe in DE's mind it must be some kind of balance scheme so players don't upgrade/build things too fast, but where is the logic in that seriously?

plus I don't think it really serves a balance purpose, it's only annoying to wait for that (in my opinion)


tell me if you disagree


PS: sry if this isn't in the good category but don't know where foundry feedback is supposed to go

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but where is the logic in that seriously?


They make more money this way, because people spend platinum to rush the crafting time of the items.

If you could for example build 5 Fieldrons at the same time building a flux rifle would be too easy and nobody would buy the weapon or rush the crafting time of the Fieldrons (with "nobody" i mean a lot less people).

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Maybe certain parts of the Foundry are being used to create each different object. It wouldn't be able to create two of the same item because the parts necessary to forge it are already in use.


Eh? Eeeeeeh?


Yeah, though, I think it's so people are more likely to rush. If they want multiple of the same item, they would have to either let them build one by one (could take days), or they could rush them one by one (takes moments but a bit of platinum). They could also just buy them (depending on the item), but that's even more expensive.


Personally, I think a queue system would work well. You line up say 5 Forma blueprints, and the Foundry builds them back to back while placing the completed ones in your inventory. Things would still take a while to build (multiple of at least), but you wouldn't have to fuss about logging in to claim them and start the next. It would also make things significantly easier for players who can't be on too often, and it would help improve the player's experience overall.

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I don't do it often, but recently did it for Nyx Prime (not the parts, but the three day wait was too much).

I'm guessing that spending to skip the longest waiting time isn't that bizarre. 12 hours or a day is okay to wait through, but not everyone can spend three days waiting if they have the plat to skip.

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