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Rework On Status Of Frost Mag & Ember Prime


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Exca prime recharges his shield faster

Rhino prime run faster

Loki prime got more energy

Nyx prime got more armor

But Frost Mag and Ember got nothing but extra polarities just like others do


I think it is time to give some buff to these old prime warframes

say more armor for frost p and ember p, more shields for mag p

What do you guys think?

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Armour for Frost

Shields for Maggie

Efficiency for Ember



Frost: He has a low speed and mobility, his Globe affected by his Armour and Power Str. Still he's more Defender than damage dealer.

Maggie: She's a caster & dmg dealer with good mobility and great CC powers, but very low HP & armour values.

Ember: She's a caster & dmg dealer, too. However, she's very dependent on energy. Also, a lack of armour and low HP & Shield values and not so good CC abilites comparing to Mag.

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Compromise: Frost, Mag and Ember Prime should each get an innate immunity to Slow, Disruption and Burn statuses, respectively. People keep saying elementals should be able to resist their own elements, so this seems both a fair way to highlight those wishes while providing only minor boosts to set them in line with other Primes. Same could be done for Volt and Saryn Prime when they come, maybe others beyond that.

Works especially well with Frost, since he's already slow. Set a baseline "this and no further".


Also, Excalibur Prime doesn't actually have improved shield regen. That's a widespread myth of unknown origin, since disproven by PsycloneM. Not that it's a bad idea for him to get it, of course...

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