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Ash Loadout


Just to make things clear, I already have a Rank 30 Burston and Strun (both potato-ed) and I'm thinking of building an Ash from scratch. 


From scratch meaning all weapons starts at Rank 1, unpotato-ed.

And for the record, my melee weapon will be Dual Ethers, which is why I didn't include Melee below.


I got a couple of ideas for suitable loadouts: 



Primary: Latron

Secondary: Twin Vipers/Single Viper


Explanation: Latron for med-long range single target, Twin/Single Viper for anything that gets close and/or is huge.



Primary: Grakata (bad choice?) or Braton

Secondary: Sicarus


Explanation: Grakata/Braton for multi-range combat, Sicarus for backup purposes.



Primary: Boar

Secondary: Lex


Explanation: Boar for extreme short range combat, Lex for picking out enemies further away.


With the above loadouts, I'm literally stepping into the range of weapons rarely anyone use, with the exception of Braton anyway. 


Which loadout would you recommend for an Ash? 

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