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Darvo Deal Text?



I somehow missed the first few deals and only got to read the text of the one for the Amprex. Is there any way to read what Darvo had to say in the other deals? I like to keep up with the storyline, even if it is silly ol' Darvo. I found some links to the old deal pages, but they don't work anymore...

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First one (Atterax Deal):

So Tenno, word has it you’ve been working with a certain Baro’ Ki Teer? What? The name doesn’t ring a bell? He had you searching all over for Cryotic. I guess maybe he wouldn’t tell you his name — he does that. He thinks it makes him seem mysterious — it doesn’t. Plenty of people know his name. Either way, I hope he lived up to his end of the bargain. Not everyone is as trustworthy as your friend Darvo.

Wait, did someone say bargain? I did!

Here we go. For one day only, the Atterax is half price. Use this bladed motorized whip to give the Grineer a taste of their own medicine. Or, if you’re like me, you might find it handy for snaking out the plumbing in your ship. It’s up to you.



Second one, (U13 mega Bundle):


I guess I was curious, I paid Baro’ Ki Teer a crate full of Prime Blueprints and two Argon Crystals just so I could sample his so called “delicacy”. Those Oasis Jelly fish caused my throat to swell up for three days. Damn near killed me. What a rip-off.

But you know what’s not a rip-off? My new bundle. Here’s what you get: the Hydroid Warframe, Nami Skyla Blades, Triton Helmet, Para Carrier Sentinel and all its fancy parts. Hell, I’ll even throw in Credit and Affinity boosters, just because.

Now that’s money well spent.


Third one (Amprex Deal):


Oh let me guess, Baro’ Ki Teer wouldn’t even show you his face — figures. He thinks he’s too good for you and me with his swanky clothes and exotic foods that taste like mud. Well you know what Tenno, when you buy from him that’s what you’re paying for. When you buy from Darvo, you get nothing but deals.

Allow me to provide a simple illustration. Today only, at 50% off I’m offering you the Amprex Electricity Rifle. 10,000 volts of shut your elitist face. I never wanted to go to his stupid party anyway.


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