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What Happened To The Graphics?


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I have a rather low performance computer and I play on 800x600. Over the year and a half I've played, this allowed the display to completely fill my screen. As of a recent update, this no longer happens; the image is sharper but much smaller and has a large black border around it. I tried raising my resolution, which caused my mouse to be out of its normal orientation.

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When I switched from the Mac to the darkside (PC) back in...get this...1997, I was running my first PC at 1024x768.


Seventeen years ago (17) I was running 1024x768.


800x600 isn't fine. My eyes hurt just thinking about it.


We play VIDEO games. The appearance is important. The eyecandy is important. Important for immersion (and not going blind or at least staving off headaches) and just the sheer visual joy of it. You're cheating yourself out of a superior experience by running in a resolution that was common when Quake shipped.


It's PC gaming. The mantra is upgrade or die.

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